Can you eat with retainers?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you eat with retainers?” and discuss the do and don’t of retainers?

Can you eat with retainers?

No, you cannot eat with retainers. There are two types of retainers: permanent and detachable. Fixed retainers cannot be removed by the patient and are case-specific. To avoid recurrence and make dental hygiene a priority, patients who have completed orthodontic treatment often get removable appliances. You should avoid eating when using detachable retainers.

Keep your teeth straight by using a retainer. You shouldn’t use them if you’re having trouble chewing or swallowing. Dentures are designed for this purpose. Dentures should not be worn when sleeping; on the other hand. 

That’s when you soak them in the appropriate cleansers and take a break from chewing on them. Retainers, on the other hand, should only be worn at night. Except for while you’re eating, of course, It’s a common mistake for individuals to lose their retainers when they take a “meal break.” After eating and cleaning your teeth, put them back in.

When you have a retainer, what should and shouldn’t you do?

Even while wearing retainers might be a hassle and a pain in the neck, they’re essential for maintaining your dental alignment in the long run. After your braces have been removed, you will most likely be given a retainer to wear. 

Keep your teeth in place with these custom-made devices, which are shaped to your mouth. Maintaining the new position of teeth after braces are removed requires the use of a custom-made, detachable retainer, according to Web MD. Your dental treatment might be put on hold for months if you don’t wear your retainer properly. 

Preventing dental decay, closing gaps between teeth, and shifting one tooth are just a few of the ways retainers may be utilized after braces treatment. Whatsoever the reason you have for wearing retainers, there are a few rules to follow. Here are a few examples:

  • As recommended, put them on. Retainers may be worn all day or just at night, depending on your orthodontist’s recommendation.
  • When you’re eating, remove your retainer from your mouth.
  • Wash and dry it every day before storing the equipment.
  • Retainer cleaning solution, denture cleaning solution, or a baking soda and water solution may be used once a week to completely clean it.
  • Every time you eat, brush your teeth.
  • You should brush your retainer with toothpaste before you go to sleep or when you get up in the morning. Put your retainer back in its container or in your mouth.
  • For checkups, bring your retainer with you to the dentist. In this way, the doctor can assess if the retainer is still appropriate for you.

Sticky candies, such as taffy and gummy worms, should not be consumed.

  • Put it in a tissue or napkin and put it on your nightstand or dresser. This causes the retainer to dry up, and it also makes it easier to accidentally toss it away.
  • In order to keep the gadget safe, do not put it in its case.
  • For a few hours, leave it out in the open.
  • Use boiling water or alcohol to sanitize the retainer. The structure may be harmed.
  • Skip the evenings. Your teeth may move even if you go a night or two without wearing your retainer.
  • When you’re done, you may use your tongue to play with them. The retainer should be left alone so that it doesn’t become ruined, fall to the ground, or hurt your mouth.
  • In the dishwasher, put your retainer.
  • Take care not to leave your retainer within reach of your pet or young kid.

Using Hawley Retainers Properly

At all times, you should be wearing your retainers. Brushing your teeth is the only time you’ll need to take your retainers out. Clean your retainers with your toothbrush and toothpaste every time you brush your teeth. When cleaning, do not use water that is too hot. Retainer or denture cleaning pills may be used if you want to soak them.

Retainers may be worn when you’re eating, but it’s recommended. Retainers may be removed if they’re kept in their protective container and put away in a secure location. You should never put your retainers in your pocket unprotected with a napkin or tissue. 

They might be mistakenly thrown away, or they could be damaged. Wearing retainers while eating reduces the risk of their falling out of your mouth.

Do not “flick” the retainers in and out with your tongue, since this might lead to wire damage. Retainers should be kept in a designated area. They should not be strewn over the home in a random fashion. Retainers are a favorite chew toy for dogs! Use their case while they are not in your mouth.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can you eat with retainers?” and we discussed the do and don’t of retainers?