Can you eat the body of a king crab?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you eat the body of a king crab?” and discuss what part of red king crab can be eaten?

Can you eat the body of a king crab?

Yes, you can eat the body of a king crab. I love king crab because it’s sweet, juicy, and savory. In comparison to Dungeness crab flesh, it is firmer and coarser in texture. In comparison to leg meat, the king’s body meat is a little more prone to flaking. 

The crimson color of the fried crab leg’s spiky shell comes from the food coloring. The flesh has a red membrane that is snow white. The vast majority of king crab marketed in the United States is brine-frozen and cooked. If the meat has been properly prepared, it shouldn’t taste salty. After thawing, the flavor is at its peak.

All of the legs may be removed from the body of a king crab and it will still weigh the same amount of meat. The gills and stomach are inedible and should be discarded as well as the very tips of the legs since they contain very little meat. 

Because king crabs have long legs and large muscles that govern where the crab wants to position its legs, the flesh from their bodies is equally tasty as the meat (muscles) in their legs.

The upper echelons of society In most Asian restaurants, a full live king crab is prepared in three different ways. Segmented, steamed legs are sprinkled with crushed garlic, while chopped-up body parts are frequently deep fried and served with salt and pepper seasoning. 

My preferred method of preparation calls for the addition of salted duck egg yolks to the cooking process. Seafood fried rice with Tomalley/Portuguese sauce is often served within the carapace.

“Vancouver, where I spent the summer, has a fantastic Asian cuisine scene. I ate deep-fried Alaskan king crab with salted duck-egg sauce at the Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, where Chinese families congregate in Vancouver. 

You may liken it to parmesan in the Far East; it’s a great addition to any dish. This sweet, salty, and granular coating makes you want to suck the crab shells more than eat the meat. The eggs are brined, steamed, and the yolks are mashed with butter, sugar, salt, and rice wine. 

I’m disappointed that salted duck-egg sauce has yet to gain traction in the United Kingdom, but I have faith that it will. Salted duck eggs are a must. “That sweet umami is the ultimate flavor hit,” says the chef.

The spiny shells and long, spidery legs of king crabs, the biggest commercially harvested crab, set them out as a distinctive species. Six legs, a huge “killing” claw, and a smaller “feeder” claw make up the king crab’s appendage count. The tastiest flesh comes from the walking leg’s higher part, called the merus. In marketing, it is described as “sophisticated.

” Depending on the species, the crabs may grow up to six feet long and weigh between four and ten pounds. The hue of the shell depends on where it was harvested. Despite the fact that red king crabs are the most prevalent, blue (P. platypus) and brown (Lithodes aequspina) king crabs are equally abundant. 

The most popular color is red, followed by blue, and finally brown. On flat, plain-looking sections of the sea bottom, kings may be found in shallow waters (60 to 100 fathoms) along the Southeast Alaskan coast and in the Bering Sea. These enormous grasslands are often traversed by herds of king crabs. Large wire-mesh traps measuring 7 x 7 x 10 feet are used to catch them.

If I were a diner, where would I find Red King Crab?

Red king crabs are a kind of crustacean used in the production of crab meat. Because of its high protein content and low-fat content, crab meat is an ideal healthy food option. In spite of their widespread distribution in the seas, Alaskan waters are where most of America’s red king crabs originate from. 

Only male crabs, which are bigger than females, are allowed to be captured and sold commercially in the United States, according to current law.

What to Eat From Each Part

The legs and claws of the red king crab are the most often consumed sections of the crustacean. There are five pairs of legs on every crab, with the first pair morphing into pincers. 

The three sets of legs closest to the pincers on red king crabs are the biggest and tastiest, with the fifth pair curled inside the shell being the smallest. Adult males may reach a leg span of about 5 feet and weigh anything from 4 to 9 pounds, so there’s no shortage of flesh to be had from these animals.

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In this article, we answered the question “Can you eat the body of a king crab?” and we discussed what part of red king crab can be eaten?


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