Can you eat sushi without seafood?

In this brief article, we will address the question, “Can you eat sushi without seafood?” and also outline what sushi means and the different types of sushi available. We will also make some recommendations for people who might not like sushi with fish.

Can you eat sushi without seafood?

Yes, you can eat sushi with no seafood. When many people come across the term sushi, they instantly think of fish or seafood. But, sushi has nothing to do with seafood. Although fish is traditionally used in sushi, modern variations may include fruits, vegetables, or other meats. To sum up, sushi is not defined by the presence of seafood.

What is sushi?

Sushi (means “sour” in Japanese) refers to the ancient method of preserving fish by wrapping it in rice. It began thousands of years ago as a means of preserving raw fish before refrigerators were invented. A chef named Hanaya Yohei produced the most contemporary style of sushi that the world recognizes today in the nineteenth century.

What is the name of sushi without seafood?

Although there is no standard name for fishless sushi, the most popular vegetarian roll is Kappa Maki, aka cucumber rolls, which are served at many Japanese restaurants. They have a mild and refreshing flavour that is not only delicious but also good for your body.

Certainly, most restaurants around the world serve vegetarian sushi because it is safer to substitute vegetables in regions where fish suitable for sushi is rare. Hence, Vegan sushi also has a longer shelf life, resulting in less food waste.

What are the many forms of sushi that do not contain seafood? 

If it’s your first time trying sushi, it is usually better, to begin with, vegan options as the flavour of raw fish sushi can be challenging for beginners to grasp. There are several types of sushi that don’t include any fish or sashimi. Thus,  many nutritious and tasty sushi options are available by combining a variety of prepared vegetables, pickles, and fruits.

For example,

  • The traditional dried gourd sushi roll is known as Kanpyo Maki in Japanese. It is made up of dehydrated calabash fruit strips.
  • Natto maki is another famous type that contains highly healthy fermented soybeans.
  • Ume Maki is a Japanese plum roll that is picked and may or may not contain Japanese basil leaves. It tastes acidic and tangy.
  • The caterpillar roll is another example (see recipe here). Inside, it can be filled with shitake mushroom slices or tofu. Cucumber slices may be added for increased freshness. It’s topped with thin slices of avocado flattened to look like a caterpillar on the outside.

cucumber rolls, pickled daikon sushi rolls, avocado rolls, and so on are some other examples.

Is it healthy to eat sushi without fish?

Sushi made without fish is healthier and more beneficial than sushi made with fish. According to scientific research done in 2017, persons who ate fruits and vegetables had a 31% decreased chance of dying which is when compared to another research in the same year found that eating fish reduces your risk of death by only 14%.

How can you make sushi at home without using seafood?

For those who believe that sushi can only be made with seafood, I’d like to point out that almost every sushi recipe can be made with vegetables and fruits instead of fish or meat and still be called sushi. 

Before we get into the list of fishless sushi recipes, it’s vital to mention that whatever recipes you choose, you’ll need a few things for sushi making:

  • Short grain sushi rice
  • Nori (seaweed)
  • Bamboo rolling mat (or any alternatives)


Kappamaki, also known as cucumber rolls, is delicious fishless sushi made with just three ingredients: nori (seaweed), cucumber, and sushi rice. Click here for the full recipe.

Adding sliced avocado would make it even healthier.  It will fill you up while increasing the nutritional value of the dish.  

Veggie roll

The veggie roll is healthy, refreshing, and simple to make the dish. It is still the only fishless sushi that is genuinely delicious. The best part about this role is that there are so many different ways to make it. 

So check out the video recipe here for some inspiration on how to make the finest veggie sushi you’ve ever had. When you bite into this delightful roll, the effort will be well worth it.

For more varieties of vegan sushi, click here

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In this brief article, we addressed the question, “Can you eat sushi without seafood?” and also outlined what sushi means and the different types of sushi available. We also made some recommendations for people who might not like sushi with fish.