Can you eat sobrasada raw?

In this short blog, we will answer the question, “Can you eat sobrasada raw?” We will also look at what sobrasada is, its history, what it looks and tastes like, the safety of eating sobrasada raw, and how to store, cook, and eat sobrasada. 

Can you eat sobrasada raw?

Yes, you can eat sobrasada raw. Sobrasada is a salted cured meat, so it can be consumed raw without cooking, even though its flavours are elevated by cooking. 

They are popularly spread as pate on bread, raw or grilled, and served with soft cheese or fried eggs. 

What is sobrasada?

Sobrasada is a distinctive raw cured sausage with a paprika flavour and is commonly eaten as a pate. The sausages are made by flavouring pork, which is locally farmed on the islands of Mallorca. 

When the meat is seasoned, it is packed into casings and hung to cure in the open air for about one to eight months, depending on the size and form of the casing. They can be very long and thin or short and thick, depending on the part of the pig used.

What is the history of sobrasada?

Sobrasada is a traditional product that hails from the Balearic islands, primarily Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza, and is protected by a geographical identification seal. 

It is used in a variety of Mallorcan dishes, such as raw carrots or cooked carrots mixed with honey. 

Most commonly, longaniza is eaten in the winter while sobrasada is consumed in the summer, although they are all stored for several years in a dry environment. 

What does sobrasada look like?

The sobrasada has the appearance of a sausage and a colour similar to chorizo. However, it has a smoother and softer texture that is best spread on toast rather than chopped into slices.

What does sobrasada taste like?

The humid and salty open air is perfect for curing sobrasada, and that impacts its rich flavours. 

Is it safe to eat sobrasada raw?

Sobrasada is generally safe to buy raw because they are pork meats or adulterated versions using other sources of meat but mostly cured with salt and cayenne pepper, making them safe to eat raw in any form, even without cooking. 

How to store sobrasada?

Sobrasada is a cured sausage that actually leaves the factory safe and fit to consume raw or cooked if preferred. If you happen to have more than you can eat at a time, then store them till you want to use them. 

  • You can store the whole or unopened sobrasada in its natural casing under temperature conditions of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of 70 to 80 percent. 
  • However, if sobrasada happens to be packaged under vacuum conditions for transportation purposes, then it is best to store it under refrigeration conditions between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius while humidity does not really affect them. 
  • When you have opened or cut your sobrasada and couldn’t finish it, you can still leave it in the pantry to store it or in the fridge, in which case you have to cover it with a kitchen towel to avoid drying out the meat. 

How to cook sobrasada?

When you want to cook your sobrasada to enjoy it, you can do so by bringing it out of the fridge and allowing it to rest on the bench to soften and use it just the way you want it. On the other hand, in the case where you have them stored out in the pantry, you can easily have them and cook them in any recipe of your choice. 

How to eat sobrasada?

Sobrasada can be eaten in a variety of ways, most commonly in Spain. You will find sobrasada served in different ways, including:

  • Sobrasada is used as a pate to spread on toast or as a topping for cocas, which is a popular shortbread. 
  • Sobrasada is used in stews to give a rich flavour to the cured meat. 
  • Baguettes are filled with sobrasada, drizzled with honey, and enjoyed. 
  • You can also eat sobrasada grilled and served on bread.
  • Sobrasada can be cooked with meat, fish, and other vegetable dishes to enrich their flavours. 
  • Sobrasada is cooked into a base sauce to give rich flavours to pasta, rice, and other dishes too. 


In this short blog, we have answered the question, “Can you eat sobrasada raw?” We have also looked at what sobrasada is, its history, what it looks and tastes like, the safety of eating sobrasada raw, and how to store, cook, and eat sobrasada.