Can you eat smoked pork chops without cooking?

In this brief article we will answer the question, “Can you eat smoked pork chops without cooking?” We will explain how to hot smoke pork chops, the nutritional value and health benefits of consuming pork chops.

Can you eat smoked pork chops without cooking?

You can eat hot smoked pork chops but if the pork chops are cold smoked, they are not safe for eating. Cold smoked pork chops are not fully cooked and require to be heated enough so that they are free from any bacteria that could cause food borne infections. 

Cold smoked pork chops usually have a redder hue of color like raw meat and tend to be more resilient and most characteristic of raw pork meat. These are mostly found in small butcher shops and select meat markets. Hot smoked pork chops on the other hand are fully cooked to internal temperatures of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Hot smoked pork chops are thus fully cooked during the smoking process and do not require any further cooking. They look like and feel like cooked meat and do not have a red color like cold smoked meat. 

This can be found in most meat markets and grocery stores. As a precautionary measure always check the package and see if the pork chops are ready to eat or require to be further cooked before consumption.

How do you hot smoke pork shops?

Let us look at a step-by-step guide on how to hot smoke pork chops. First, you will require to find yourself some good bone-in or boneless pork chops and have your smoker ready. Then follow the below steps:

Have your smoker preheated

It is also important to first cure your smoker if in use for the first time in order to rid it of any contaminants and add a layer of seasoning in it. Preheat your smoker to about 392 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius) and then reduce it to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees celsius) and leave it to smoke for some hours.

Choose some good wood chips such as pecan, maple or apple wood so that they can provide some smoky but unique flavors. Ensure you only use hard wood chips in your smoker because soft wood tends to release soot which will result in your pork chops tasting smoky. You can soak your wood chips in some water so that they last a bit longer.

Season your pork chops

Yes, it is necessary to infuse some good flavor into your pork chops so that they turn out juicy and delicious. To do this you can drizzle some olive oil on both sides of the pork chops and use some dry rub with cumin, paprika, brown sugar, black pepper etc to bring a perfect mix of flavor that will complement the pork chops taste. Feel free to as well just use a marinade to season your chops.

Smoke your pork chops

Light your smoker and have it warm up for some time ideally around twenty minutes should be sufficient. Have the internal temperature of the smoker at about 105 degrees celsius and have the air vents open.

Once the temperature inside the smoker stabilizer, that is the time to put in your wood chips. Monitor the temperature and add more wood chips if the initial ones burn down and are not providing enough heat. 

Ensure that you top up the water pan with some water to create some vapor inside the smoker that enables the pork chops to cook up through and more evenly. You can as well add some herbs in the water to infuse some flavor in the pork chops.

Put your pork chops on the grill to smoke and avoid occasionally opening the lid as this will make you lose heat and smoke. 

Smoke your pork chops for about one and half hours for every half kilogram of meat and keep rotating after every hour and rubbing some marinade or dry rub to moisture and have the flavors pop.

Use the vents to regulate the heat and smoke and add more wood chips as is necessary to maintain a steady temperature. Smoke until the internal temperature reads 145 degrees Fahrenheit and your pork chops should be ready.

What is the nutritional value of pork chops?

A 100 grams sample of pork chops can typically contain:

  • Calories: 295
  • Water: 52%
  • Protein: 25.0 grams
  • Carbs: 0 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Fat: 21.0 grams

What are some health benefits of consuming pork chops?

Pork chops are an excellent source of high quality protein. They contain all the essential amino acids which assist our body in production of hormones and building muscles.

Pork chops can also assist in weight loss because the proteins help with satiety meaning you feel full for longer and avoid eating foods that are high on calories.

Pork chops are also a good source of essential nutrients such as selenium, zinc and iron which play vital functions in the body. 

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In this brief article we have answered the question, “Can you eat smoked pork chops without cooking?” We have explained how to hot smoke pork chops and the nutritional and health benefits of consuming pork chops.


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