Can you eat silkie chickens?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “Can you eat silkie chickens?.” We will also learn about what silkie chicken is, what it looks like, what the silkie chicken meat looks and tastes like, how to cook and eat the silkie chicken, and the nutrients of the silkie chicken.

Can you eat silkie chickens?

Yes, you can eat silkie chickens. Silkie chickens are edible with black skin and bones. The meat has become a delicacy in some regions of the Far East and is used in Chinese medicine because it has twice as much carnitine, which has anti-ageing properties as ordinary chicken flesh.

What are silkie chickens?

The Silkie chicken also referred to as the silkie, silky or Chinese silkie chicken, is a chicken breed notable for its unusually fluffy plumage that is claimed to feel like silk and satin. 

A variety of other names have been given to the Silkie chicken, including fluff-balls, aliens from another dimension, and teddy bears. 

Their odd appearance, warmth, and mothering abilities are undoubtedly what endears them to a large number of people.

What do silkie chickens look like?

Silkies are unmistakably distinct from regular chickens in terms of appearance. A true silkie chicken will have the features below:

  • The head of the silkie is created to resemble a pom-pom, as seen on a Polish chicken. 
  • They have a comb that resembles a walnut, with an almost round shape if present. 
  • The colour of their comb is black or dark mulberry, and any other colour besides this indicates that the chicken is not a true Silkie.
  • They feature dark-coloured wattles and oval-shaped turquoise blue earlobes.
  • Their beaks can be grey or blue and are short and broad at the base. 
  • The colour of their eyes is black.
  • Their bodies are big and stout, with a short back and ample breasts.
  • They have five toes instead of the four that hens have, with the toes on the outside being feathered.
  • The legs are grey in hue and are short and broad.
  • The barbicels, the hooks that hold the feathers together, are missing from their feathers, giving them a fluffy appearance. The major feathering resembles that of a conventional chicken’s under-down.
  • The Silkie has black skin and bones behind all that fluff. 

What does the silkie chicken meat look like?

The silkie chicken meat has an unusual black appearance compared to the usual slight pink chicken. 

Fibromelanosis is another name for this condition, which is marked by unusually dark skin. The bones and internal organs of the bird are nearly black, even though you can’t see them. 

Dermal hyperpigmentation is a feature of the Silkie chicken that is shared by other breeds like the Ayam Cemani. 

What does the silkie chicken meat taste like?

The Silkie chicken’s darker meat is reported to taste even better than ordinary chicken, with a leaner, more gamey flavour. 

That is why it is frequently used in soups and sauces rather than being eaten whole as a breast or fried in huge chunks. 

How to eat silkie chickens?

Silkie has a long history of Chinese mythology, culture, and tradition. The Asians consume them, usually for medicinal purposes. 

The black flesh, skin, and bones of these animals are said to have therapeutic properties. 

  • The meat and skin were traditionally consumed as regular meat.
  • The bones were used to make stock. 
  • The bones were also powdered after cooking and used to make a variety of remedies. 

Recent research has revealed that dark meat, skin, and bones are high in antibodies, implying that there may be some truth to this. The stock is also recognised for its ability to boost fertility.

How to cook silkie chicken?

Silkie is commonly used to make broth, braises, and curries, among other things. But, for the most part, preparing Silkie meat is similar to cooking conventional chicken, with the exception that it tastes somewhat different and has a slightly lower quality.

What is the nutrient composition of silkie chicken?

Silkie meat, in addition to appearing distinct from regular chicken flesh, has several nutritional benefits that set it apart from the chicken you could get in your local grocery.

  • For a 100-gram serving of silkie meat, it has 21.4 grams of protein, 2.6 grams of fat, and only 0.8 grams of saturated fat. 
  • Silkie meat also has a lower calorie content than ordinary supermarket chicken, with only 121 calories per 100g.
  • The meat contains a lot of amino acids, protein, and vitamin B and is also less fatty than regular chicken, which pairs nicely with bolder flavours.
  • Silkie meat is notable for its high quantities of carnosine, a naturally occurring peptide that may be purchased as a nutritional supplement. 
  • It is used to improve muscle growth, combat the effects of ageing, and treat disorders like diabetes and autism. The black chicken is one of the most abundant sources of carnosine.


In this short article, we have answered the question, “Can you eat silkie chickens?.” We have also learned about what silkie chicken is, what it looks like, what the silkie chicken meat looks and tastes like, how to cook and eat the silkie chicken, and the nutrients of the silkie chicken.