Can you eat san marino corned tuna without cooking?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Can you eat san marino corned tuna without cooking?” We will discuss some benefits of canned tuna and also disadvantages. We will further look at some ways you can enjoy san marino corned tuna.

Can you eat san marino corned tuna without cooking?

Yes, you can consume san marino corned tuna without cooking it. San marino corned tuna is already precooked and hence can be eaten straight from the can. 

You can as well incorporate it in your diet in many ways such as throw it in a salad to add some flavor as well as reap the nutritional benefits. San Marino corned flavor comes in 2 popular flavors which are the Original and Chili flavor so you can enjoy either based on your preference.

San marino corned tuna is basically tuna that has been cured for preservation in salt water. The ‘corned’ part just refers to the size of the crystal that has been used in the curing of the tuna. The salt crystals used to be in such big sizes that they were compared to corn kernels. 

What are the some benefits of San Marino corned tuna?

An inexpensive way of getting protein requirement

San Marino corned tuna is an affordable and inexpensive way of adding protein into your diet. Protein is a very vital nutrient in the body as it helps in the building of muscle mass and helps build and repair tissues. It also has satiety and can assist in weight loss because you feel fuller for longer.

Has a considerable long shelf life

San Marino corned tuna can as well keep for long periods of time, thanks to the curing process used to preserve it. On average it can last about two to five years in your pantry.

Ideal for people looking to lose some weight

San Marino corned tuna is also an excellent diet option for people looking to cut off some weight. This is because it is low in calories and also has proteins which help keep you fuller for longer as mentioned above and also reduces cravings.

Excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids

Tuna is one of the best dietary sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are very helpful for brain, eye and heart health. They also help in reduction of the development of plaque in the arteries, limit any abnormal heart rhythms, lower the blood pressure and limit any triglycerides. 

What are some disadvantages of eating canned tuna?

Risk of consuming mercury

Mercury is a chemical that has health hazards and is usually present in water bodies that are contaminated. If you consume large doses of mercury it can have some potential health effects such as disruption of the central nervous system. 

This is even more dangerous to pregnant women as it can result in central nervous system issues in the unborn babies.

Some symptoms of mercury poisoning also known as hydrargyria include an itchy feeling in the toes or finger tips, poor coordination, muscle weakness and reduced vision. 

Risk of scombroid poisoning

Scombroid poisoning is a food borne illness caused by consumption of fish that has high histamine levels and can be due to poor processing or storage. It has been widely linked with consumption of tuna fish. 

Its symptoms usually present themselves in the form of allergic reactions which include profuse sweating, feeling of dizziness, facial flushing and a peppery taste in the mouth. It can as well cause some severe symptoms such as blurred vision, diarrhea and hives.

Risk of high blood pressure

Corned canned tuna has salts which are used in the curing process so as to extend shelf life. A typical can may contain about 200 to 300mgs of sodium which is not healthy and can elevate chances of getting heart disease or diabetes. 

What are some fun ways you can eat San marino corned tuna?

There are so many recipes that you can use to incorporate San marino corned tuna into your diet. Let us take a look at some below:

Spanish style corned tuna meatballs

Yes, you can make some delish meatballs, you just need to get a few ingredients such as eggs, binders such as breadcrumbs, milk and make your meatballs that can be enjoyed with some pasta. You need to use your ingredients and form some meatballs and cook them in the oven until they are brown. 

Crispy corned tuna cakes

For this you’ll need to first make some patties using your corned tuna, breadcrumbs, cheese and eggs. Form them into 2 inches of patties and fry them up until they are crispy and golden brown and you can serve them over some lettuce.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Can you eat san marino corned tuna without cooking?” We have discussed some benefits of canned tuna and also disadvantages. We have further looked at some ways you can enjoy san marino corned tuna.