Can you eat salad without dressing?

In this brief article we will answer the question,”Can you eat salad without dressing?” We will explain some options that you can use in your salad except the dressing. We will explain some advantages of dressing your salad and briefly discuss some health benefits of eating salads.

Can you eat salad without dressing?

Yes, you can eat salad without dressing. A salad dressing is usually a sauce for a salad which has oil, vinegar, herbs and other flavorings. 

The main purpose of a salad is to add moisture to the greens and vegetables so that they are much easier to consume and also to infuse some good flavor so that they are enjoyable to consume.

What can I put in a salad instead of the dressing?

As mentioned above, salads act to moisture the bed of greens so if you are to substitute the dressings you have to ensure that the substitute is moist enough and adds good flavor. That said, some good substitutes are;


Hummus is a great topping for salads, it provides some proteins and also healthy carbs unlike other fat dressings that are loaded with saturated fats that can clog your heart leading to heart related diseases.


Just a serving of an avocado is around a third of the fruit and that’s enough to not only moisturize the greens but also adds a creamy texture while at it. It also adds a good amount of healthy fat that you can have derived from olive oil and so you skip doubling on the fats. 


If you enjoy thick and creamy Caesar dressing, then there is nothing not to love about using yogurt as a substitute. You can use any flavor of choice or just use some natural plain yogurt.

Roasted tomatoes 

You can use a layer of some cherry tomatoes, garlic, cracked black pepper, sprinkle  Kosher salt for taste, and a little mist of olive oil. Then just pour  the tomatoes directly over your salad. The thick, flavorful juices will flow in your salad and you’ll definitely forget a real salad dressing.


Yes, you can as well just throw in just a splash of champagne on your green to add a subtle flavor that makes consuming your salad heavenly. Good thing, champagne packs about 29 calories, we are not giving you ideas but feel free to fill up a glass and enjoy that bubbly.

What are some advantages of dressing your salad?

  • Adding some fat to your  salad which is usually obtained from the dressing assists your body to process the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
  • Using an oil rich dressing in your salad in mono-unsaturated, such as cold pressed rapeseed oil, helps the body absorb antioxidant carotenoids which prevent cell damage by fighting free radicals.
  • Also adding flavor from the dressing  helps motivate you to eat healthy salads regularly by making them more enjoyable and you reap the health benefits.

What are the health benefits of eating salads?

They are loaded with fiber

Salads usually have high amounts of fiber. Fiber has been proved to be good in helping prevent constipation, it helps improve bowel movement and additionally assists prevent constipation.

Helps cuts down on calories and increases satisfaction

For people looking to shed off some weight, salads are a great option. Research has shown that eating a diet that has low calories like a green salad which has 150 calories or less increases satiety and in addition lowers the calories eaten during the meal.

Helps you get smart fats

Consuming salads also helps you get small amounts of smart fats like monounsaturated fat which are found in avocado, nuts and olive oil. The veggies assist your body to also absorb phytochemicals such as lycopene which are found in tomatoes and also lutein which is found in green veggies.

Research has also shown that olive oil which is used in dressing the salad gives you some additional years and reduces the mortality rate. 

Helps you reap the health benefits of fruits and vegetables

If you consume salad with ingredients such as dark green and orange vegetables or legumes and other nutrient rich plant based foods you contribute to your general well being of your body. 

If you frequently consume a diet that is rich in green salads you will get higher blood levels which are loaded with antioxidants such as folic acid, lycopene, Vitamin C and alpha and beta carotene. The antioxidants assist in preventing cell damage by fighting free radicals and can further reduce your risk of getting some types of cancers.

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In this brief article we have answered the question,”Can you eat salad without dressing?” We have explained some options that you can use in your salad except the dressing. We have explained some advantages of dressing your salad and briefly discussed some health benefits of eating salads.


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