Can you eat Rosemary Christmas tree?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you eat Rosemary Christmas tree?”, and how to keep a Rosemary Christmas tree alive?

Can you eat Rosemary Christmas tree?

Yes, you can eat rosemary Christmas tree. Rosemary plant has great culinary potential. This aromatic herb is a great addition to your holiday feasts. You can either use it as a garnish or add it to your dish while cooking. Either way, the rosemary herb imparts a great flavor and aroma to the end product. 

How to keep a Rosemary Christmas tree alive?

Buy your Rosemary tree early

If the Rosemary topiaries become available to you in the first day or so of their arrival to the store, do not delay buying the Rosemary. 

Buy the freshest Rosemary tree and wrap it in a bag to protect it from the chilly outside temperatures. Do not keep the Rosemary waiting in your vehicle for too long. Go back to your home as soon as possible after you have bought the Rosemary tree.

Unwrap and water

The first thing you need to check in your rosemary is its roots and the potting soil. Re-pot if needed. 

To keep the rosemary from drying out, place the topiary in a small dish filled with pebbles and water the plant. 

Alternatively, you can leave the rosemary plant in a pot filled with water. This will allow the roots to absorb as much water as needed.

How to care for a rosemary tree?

Rosemary tree needs full sun to thrive. The best place to keep your rosemary plant is under a grow light or in a south-facing window. The trimming of the rosemary tree is important to maintain its shape.

Common problems with a rosemary tree

Shriveled leaves 

Silver-colored or shriveled leaves of the rosemary tree indicate dryness. At this stage, the chances to revive the plant are slim but not zero. So, you can try to save it by removing the foil wrapping or submerging the plant in a sink with 1-inch of tepid water. 

Let the plant soak for about 30 minutes in the water. After soaking, let the excess water drip off before you put the foil wrap back on and place the plant in sunlight.

Browning leaves or leaves falling off when the plant is moved

At this stage, not much can be done to save the plant. The shape is more difficult to preserve than the plant itself. To save the plant, water with a light fertilizer-like worm compost.

Bits of cotton or webbing is starting to show

This indicates a mite infestation. Once the plant is infested with these mites, it cannot be saved. So it is better to get rid of the plant. 

5 reasons to love your rosemary Christmas tree

Rosemary Christmas trees make great gifts

These festive Mediterranean trees make great gifts, especially when decorated with a pretty bow and placed in a holiday-themed pot. The iconic conical shape of the rosemary plants can also be decorated with tiny ornaments and lights. 

The plus point is that the rosemary tree is very easygoing. It does not need extensive care or frequent watering. Rosemary tree can be gifted to your loved ones and colleagues. The culinary lovers particularly find rosemary trees adorable as a gift.

Flavor holiday dishes with rosemary

Use dried rosemary as a garnish or grind it into a paste. The woodsy aroma of the rosemary is an essential flavor in most winter holiday recipes. For example, you can use rosemary to cook lamb, chicken, and even potatoes. 

Moreover, rosemary also compliments loaves of bread, breadsticks, meat, and poultry.  During summers, keep the rosemary outdoors and let it grow into an enormous shrub. During winters, keep the plant indoors.

Rosemary improves your memory

Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that play an important role in sharpening your memory. The impact of the rosemary plant on memory and cognitive agility is so iconic that it is even mentioned in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Rosemary plants improve air quality

According to the NASA Clean Air Study conducted in the year 1989, houseplants purify the indoor air and provide a cleaner environment for us to breathe in.

Certain plants are better at purifying air than others. Most of these plants are tropical because they are more efficient at carrying out photosynthesis. 

The air purifying ability of the rosemary plant is scientifically proven. Moreover, rosemary adds a great fragrance to indoors.


In this article, we answered the question “Can you eat Rosemary Christmas tree?”, and how to keep a Rosemary Christmas tree alive?


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