Can you eat refrozen Ice-cream?

In this article, we will discuss, “can you eat refrozen ice-cream?”. We will discuss the reasons as to why it must not be refrozen in the first place and then several ways to see if our ice cream has gone bad.

Can you eat refrozen Ice-cream?

It is essential to know that it is NOT RECOMMENDED to eat refrozen ice-cream.

Ice cream is perhaps the yummiest treat. There isn’t anything better than getting a tub of ice cream to eat while unwinding on the couch and watching your cherished film. Eating ice cream on a warm day is similarly fantastic. It makes for a heavenly, invigorating sweet.

The greatest drawback to ice cream is the point at which it softens. There isn’t anything more frustrating than finding the ice cream you were anticipating eating has transformed into a creamy puddle.

We have all been there sooner or later, and maybe the possibility of refreezing it has rung a bell. All things considered, beverages can be put back in the fridge, so can ice cream that has been softened be refrozen and afterward eaten securely?

Why should you not refreeze ice-cream?

Although you can eat it, prefer to not give it a try because it is not worth the risk of listeria that you might get from eating refrozen ice cream and hence it is ideal for you to simply stay away from it time and time again.

Not only will you be compromising on listeria but the taste and texture along with its nature simply do not match the risk either. Therefore, don’t risk the melting of ice cream and afterward refreezing it. In this way, it is guaranteed that you won’t find your ice cream infected with listeria even if you eat it some hours later. 

Following are some of the main reasons as to why you should not eat refrozen ice-cream:

It is unsafe

As ice cream is a dairy product & it often incorporates eggs. Whenever it is left in a room at a moderate temperature, there is a possibility of microbes developing on it. For a product that is already frozen, this requires time. However, it happens when it is left out in the sun or in a room with a moderate temperature for a couple of hours. One of the potential worries is listeria which can prompt genuine contamination of food.

It alters the texture

The structure of ice crystals in frozen ice cream is uniform & very small. When refrozen, the bigger ice crystals form & this prompts an extremely grainy surface that is quite horrendous to eat. Instead of creamy and rich ice cream, it will be similar to crushed ice.

Loss of air

Ice cream is made with air whipped into it by a process known as churning. This process provides it with a light, rich surface. When it is melted, the air entrapped is lost and ice cream transforms into a thick block of ice. Therefore, to get the creamy ice cream back, you have to whip it again.

How to tell if ice-cream is refrozen?

If you are uncertain whether your ice cream has melted & refrozen or it is the one that has not been melted yet, you may look at its surface. If your ice cream is grainy, having lots of crystals & you assume it to be thick & not vaporous, it makes you certain that your ice cream has been refrozen. 

Any ice cream that has been put away for a long time will definitely have ice crystals and their texture won’t be creamy. So regardless of it being thick/grainy from being put away for long, or from melted/refrozen, you must not eat it.

How do you tell if your ice cream has gone bad?

It is quite difficult to judge if your ice cream has expired or gone bad, yet, there are few ways that can dictate that your ice cream has gone off. The ice cream that has been left in the refrigerator for a long time will have ice crystals and a grainy surface texture.

It will thus lose its creamy, rich texture. You may also smell the ice cream, if it has an off-scent or an odd odour, you have to quickly discard it.

Learn about safe options here.


In this article, we discussed, “can you eat refrozen ice-cream?”. We also discussed the reasons as to why it must not be refrozen in the first place and then several ways to see if our ice cream has gone bad.


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