Can you eat red m&ms while pregnant?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “can you eat red m&ms while pregnant?”. We will also consider what m&ms are, the colours of m&m, why red m&ms were removed and how they came back, the safety of eating m&ms and the potential benefits and downsides of eating m&ms.   

Can you eat red m&ms while pregnant?

Yes, you can eat red m&ms while pregnant. The red m&ms are sweet chocolate and coloured candies from the M&M company produced from chocolates, peanuts and other basic ingredients that are safe to consume during pregnancy. 

They can be freely eaten during pregnancy in moderation to avoid a high intake of artificial sugars.   

What is m&ms?

M&M’s chocolate candy is a chocolate pellet (tiny bulk) covered in a brightly coloured, firm, sweet shell. M&M’s chocolate candies have two major components of hardened liquid chocolate and the hard candy shell. 

Chocolate liquor, whole milk, cocoa butter, and sugar, among other things, make up liquid chocolate, chocolate liquor is a viscous fluid produced with cocoa butter and pulverised, roasted cocoa nibs, which are the soft flesh of the cocoa bean. 

The candy shell, which is the second component of an M&M’s chocolate candy, comprises sugar and corn syrup.

What are the colours of m&ms?

In 1976, the original colours of m&ms were red, yellow, violet, green, and brown, but the red dye was changed to orange because of worries that it contained carcinogens, although it did not. 

Several years later, the blue M&M’s replaced tan M&M’s, while the red was brought back, and since then, a typical M&M’s pack has featured six colours namely brown, yellow, green, red, orange, and blue.

Why were red m&m’s removed?

The red M&M’s were removed from the M&M’s mix by the candy company that creates them. This move was made in response to public outcry over a synthetic dye known as FD&C Red No. 2, also known as amaranth. 

Studies had shown that the dye, which was used in red food colouring, was connected to cancer as it contained carcinogens. Although red m&ms did not contain amaranth, the product lost its customers’ appeal, and then retracted. 

How did red m&ms return to the m&m candies?

Red M&M’s had been out of production for more than a decade when Paul Hethmon, a Tennessee college student, launched a viral campaign to persuade Mars to bring them back. What began as a joke, when Hethmon invited friends to join “The Society for the Restoration and Preservation of Red M&M’s,” became a movement. 

The Red M&M society was first featured in his student newspaper, and then the story was picked up by national newspapers. In 1987, the red M&M was reintroduced. In honour of Hethmon’s birthday, Mars sent him 50 pounds of crimson M&Ms.

Is red m&m’s safe to eat during pregnancy?

Red m&ms, although previously produced from an artificial flavouring Red 40, was retracted after the ban of Red No. 2 by the FDA. 

The reds came back after 10 years and now with the use of natural red food colourings such as beet powder, beta-carotene, paprika, and annatto extract which are FDA-exempt red food colourings. 

The use of natural red colouring clears the thought of these being potential cancer causing colours.

What are the benefits of eating M&Ms when pregnant?

  • Chocolate m&ms are also important for providing essential nutrients like antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body.
  • Peanuts are delicious and nutritious for everyone, including pregnant women. You can enjoy the deliciousness of peanuts in any of the red m&m products if you are not allergic to them. 
  • Peanuts and peanut products like m&ms contain proteins and folate, which are essential for the foetus’s growth and development. Folate is highly recommended for pregnant women since it aids in the prevention of birth abnormalities, particularly in the brain and spine development.

What are the downsides of eating M&Ms while pregnant?

If you aren’t allergic to peanuts, you can eat as much as you like m&ms. However, pregnant women should consume red m&ms in moderation because the snack is heavy in calories, fat, and sugar, which can lead to weight gain. 

Similarly, if artificial colours are found as components of red m&ms, they can be a basis for future cancer disorders. 


In this brief guide, we have answered the question “can you eat red m&ms while pregnant?”. We have also considered what m&ms are, the colours of m&m, why red m&ms were removed and how they came back, the safety of eating m&ms and the potential benefits and downsides of eating m&ms.   


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