Can you eat red drum?

In this brief guide, we will address the query “can you eat red drum?”. We will also answer the questions about what is a red drum, its history, the safety of eating red drum, what it tastes like, how much red drum to consume, and how to prepare and cook red drum?

Can you eat red drum?

Yes, you can eat red drum fish. It is perfectly great for you to eat redfish as long as you make sure it is fully cooked and don’t consume more than the suggested serving size.

Redfish can be a nice alternative to a variety of other fish species, and they can be enjoyed in any dish that demands fish.

What is a red drum?

Red drum, usually known as redfish, is a popular game fish that may be found off the coast of the United States and in the Gulf of Mexico. The Atlantic Ocean is home to red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus). It stretches from Massachusetts in the north to Florida in the south.

Red drums are related to the black drum and are frequently seen in the same areas. Redfish and black drum have been reported to breed, resulting in a hybrid species.

What is the history of the red drum?

In the 1980s, redfish was permitted to be commercially harvested and sold. The red drum quickly became a popular fish in restaurants while the Louisiana-style blackened redfish became all the rage. Then came the concerns about the population being negatively impacted, red drums were recognized as game fish and given protection by sportfishing groups.

By 1988, Florida and five other states had made selling redfish illegal. Since then, redfish has become a popular and sought-after game fish in the Southeast. Redfish are popular among saltwater anglers. Red drums are often the subject of fishing tournaments. 

Is it safe to eat red drum?

Redfish, often known as red drum, is generally safe to consume if completely cooked. However, because it is an ocean fish that could carry parasites, it is not advisable to consume it uncooked as it may lead to food poisoning. It is also safe to eat because they are usually low in mercury and the serving size must also be considered.

What does red drum taste like?

The meat is white with a medium flaky texture and is comparable in texture and flavour to red snapper meat. The small-sized redfish, usually under 10 or 15 pounds, are often found to be the most delicious. 

Red drum has a moderate flavour and may be used in a variety of cuisines, making it an ideal substitute for haddock, monkfish, or sea bass. 

How much red drum fish can you consume?

Individuals over the age of 15 and not women of childbearing age, can eat redfish up to four times a week if deemed safe.

For youngsters under the age of 15 and women of childbearing age, it is suggested that you eat no more than two servings of redfish each week. 

Similarly, it is safe for pregnant women to eat red drum fish since redfish are low in mercury and can be eaten up to two times per week as long as they are properly cooked.

How to prepare red drum fish?

Redfish lends itself well to filleting because it is a more oblong fish. You can either use the traditional filleting method or attempt redfish on the half-shell where the skin and scales of the redfish have been left on the half-shell.

  • To prepare the redfish, make sure you have a very sharp knife on hand before beginning the procedure of filleting a redfish. Using a dull knife to fillet a fish can result in a horrible mess.
  • It is also important to use a knife with a thin blade. The blade’s bending aids in flattening it against the cutting surface.

You should also gut the redfish before starting to fillet it. These steps can help you achieve the task:

  • Place the knife between the pectoral fins of the fish.
  • Take the knife and run it down to the vent.
  • Remove the guts by opening the body cavity.
  • Then, discard the intestines or keep them for chum.

How to cook a red drum?

Red drums can be prepared in several ways.

  • Blackening redfish is one of the most popular ways to cook red drum which can be both tasty and spicy. 
  • Grilled redfish is a delicious dish. All you’ll need is a fish cooking basket, the fillets can be placed in the basket and grilled for a few minutes on each side. To obtain that lovely grilled flavour, prepare this on a charcoal or gas grill.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query “can you eat red drum?”. We have also answered the questions about what is a red drum, its history, the safety of eating red drum, what it tastes like, how much red drum to consume, and how to prepare and cook red drum?