Can you eat Raw White Mushrooms?

In this article, we will discuss the question, “can you eat raw white mushrooms?” We will discuss its composition to evaluate if it can be eaten raw. We will also discuss other mushrooms that can be safely eaten raw.

Can you eat Raw White Mushrooms?

Yes, there is a large portion of mushrooms that can be found to be eaten raw. White mushrooms are the most cultivated kind of mushroom on the planet. Besides being extremely low in calories, they offer different health-promoting impacts, for example, improved heart health and cancer-fighting properties.

Nutritional profile of raw white mushrooms

Be that as it may, in the present moment how about we discuss white mushrooms. According to USFDA, 100gm of white, crude mushrooms comprises of:

  • 92.45 gm of water 
  • 3.09 gm of protein
  • 1 gm of dietary fiber
  • 3.26 gm of fatty acids

Can all mushrooms be eaten raw?

No, all mushrooms can not be eaten raw. As a matter of fact, all mushrooms are not edible even after cooking. As for raw ones, only a few mushrooms are brutal or might sit badly if they are eaten raw. Also, if you have cooked them at least once in your life, you will be aware that they give a ton of water & are shrunken when cooked. 

Most people are found to be worried about agaritne that is a normally happening compound that might promote cancerous cells in the studies of mice. The compound does so by involvement in the structure of their DNA.

The compound is available in the mushrooms that are newly picked, however, the level decreases as it is exposed to cooking or is out away.

This means high hotness and refrigeration will make it go down, as well as just putting away the mushroom as long as you have bought your white mushrooms from a store, they probably have been refrigerated for 2-3 days before they got to your fridge.

Is eating raw white mushrooms safe?

Considering the agaritine compound, you should contemplate exactly how regularly you eat mushrooms. Assuming you’re preparing a plate of salad, at that point, you might prefer keeping them raw as they would go better raw in a salad.

And if you prefer preparing any kind of food, you might prefer eating them cooked in any case, just like significant ingredients & recipe demands for it to be cooked.  In case you are a vegetarian, raw vegetarian, or just giving an effort to eat veggies raw & fresh, & mushrooms are a major part of your diet, it’s truly dependent upon you to choose the agaritine worth stressing over or not.

A resourceful article on this is by Linda from, since she clarifies the entire discussion over agaritine levels and truly raises some valid statements over how well this theme has been investigated.  There’s a distinction on the surface. Returning to the surface, we ought to truly inquire as to whether we even need to eat raw mushrooms.

Assuming you’ve just had cooked mushrooms then you know their delicate surface. In any case, on the off chance that you eat them raw, they will not be as delicate, and their character will be altogether different.  

Substantially more earthy and stronger and that is not a great fit for everybody. Assuming you are a fan of mushrooms as a general rule generally, you might presumably love them raw, however, if you’re the sort who likes to suffocate mushrooms in garlic, you likely will not appreciate them so much.

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What mushrooms would you be able to eat raw?

Generally, any palatable mushroom can be eaten raw, from a certain perspective.  There are harder mushrooms like the oyster mushrooms that truly need some cooking to soften up, as do boletus-type mushrooms (like the Penny Bun or Porcini).

The white button mushrooms, along with their brown-covered cousins are okay to eat with no guarantees, as long as you wash them completely and check between their gills.  

Anyway, these two have a place with the variety of Agaricus and have the most noteworthy measures of agaritine. In case you’re stressed over that part,  perhaps skip these. Assuming you need to check them out, go on.

Another example of mushrooms is Reishi Mushrooms and it is essential to cook them first before you eat them.


In this article, we discussed the question, “can you eat raw white mushrooms?” Moreover, we discussed its composition to evaluate if it can be eaten raw. We also discussed other mushrooms that can be safely eaten raw.