Can you eat Progresso soup without heating it?

In this brief blog, we will answer the question,”Can you eat Progresso soup without heating it?“ We will also discuss how to reheat canned Progresso soup in a microwave and how to reheat canned Progresso soup on a stove. We will discuss if it is safe to heat Progresso soup in the can and briefly discuss how to tell if canned Progresso soup has gone bad.

Can you eat progresso soup without heating it?

Yes, you can eat progresso Progresso soup without heating it. Canned Progresso soup is usually already cooked so it’s perfectly fine to have it straight from the can without reheating or recooking. The FDA mandates that all canned food should be cooked.

How do you Reheat Canned Progresso soup in the Microwave?

The most convenient way to reheat canned Progresso soup is by using the microwave. Let’s go through a three-stepwise technique of doing so.

  • First, pour out the contents into a bowl and cover all around with a plastic wrap. To avoid any splattering during reheating , ensure you make a small hole to act as a vent.
  • Turn on your microwave and reheat the Progresso soup for just 60 seconds. Remove it from the microwave and stir it and check its hotness by tasting it.
  • If you find your Progresso soup not warm enough for your taste, or it hasn’t reheated evenly, you can reheat the Progresso soup at regular intervals of 25 or 30 seconds while trying it out for its warmth.

You can also reheat your canned Progresso soup using a stove, let’s take a look at that. 

How do you reheat Progresso soup on the Stove?

To reheat canned Progresso soup, pour the contents into a pot and heat it over medium heat on so that you don’t lose your Progresso soup from the vapors.

Ensure you keep stirring your Progresso soup every 30-40 seconds so that it’s even. The timing to be used is dependent  on the heat  of the stove, the sizing of the pot, and how liquid it is. Still, reheating Progresso soup takes around 3 minutes to 6 minutes.

Heating Progresso soup on your stove usually takes slightly longer than using the microwave. However, it has its advantages to doing so as well.

First, you can control the Progresso soup’s temperature. You might find that microwave-reheated Progresso soup comes out colder or hotter than you like but you can also reheat if it comes colder if it’s hotter let it cool down at room temp.

Second, it reheats the liquid and meat or vegetable chunks in it more evenly. This is because you can always stir the Progresso soup to better distribute the heat. 

Is it safe to heat canned soup when it’s still in the can?

It is considered safe to heat canned soup in the can, but making this a habit is not good. This is because most cans come with a plastic lining. When you heat your food in a can, the can will get hot and release chemicals into your soup. 

If you form a habit out of it, you will consume so many chemicals in your system which might make you ill.

One chemical known as bisphenol A (BPA) was previously used in the lining of many cans until regulations to minimize its use came in place. Bisphenol A has been linked with many diseases such as cancers, Type-2 diabetes, obesity, and infertility. 

Studies have associated it with brain development issues in young kids and babies.The good thing is that many manufacturers have now started using BPA free cans. 

Another option is to just have a small pot to avoid chemicals getting into your foods. For this you can either use stainless steel or cast iron. 

Store bought canned food can sometimes be contaminated by bacteria so it is good to know what to look for before opening that can to eat. Canned food may harbor one deadly bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum which causes an illness known as botulism.

How do you tell if your canned soup has gone bad?

The things to check are:

  • Check if the container is leaking, has bulged, or swollen;
  • Check if the container looks damaged, has cracked, or its not in its original shape as bought from the store
  • Check if the container squirts out liquid or foam when it is opened
  • Check if the Progresso soup has discolored, has a smell or has molds in it.


In this brief article we have answered the question, “Can you eat Progresso soup without heating it?” We have discussed how to reheat canned Progresso soup in a microwave and how to reheat canned soup on a stove. We have also discussed if it is safe to heat canned Progresso soup in the can. We have briefly discussed how to tell if canned Progresso soup has gone bad.


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