Can you eat platypus?

In this brief text, we will answer the question, “Can you eat platypus?”. We will also discuss many other questions such as what is the minimum food requirement for a platypus, what platypuses eat, and more.

Can you eat platypus? 

No, you cannot eat platypus, as it’s poisonous and not edible. It was hunted for its fur until the twentieth century, but it is now a protected species.

Are platypuses poisonous? 

Yes, platypuses are poisonous. The males produce powerful venom that has nearly 80 distinct toxins in 13 different types. The venom is released by a barb on the male’s foot, and it is considered that the fellas employ the poison to show dominance during the mating season.

Is platypus poisonous enough to kill you?

No, the platypus is not poisonous enough to kill you, but you can end up in excruciating pain for weeks. However, it is poisonous enough to kill small animals and humans.

Are platypuses endangered? 

Although platypuses are not considered endangered, it is protected in all of Australia’s Eastern States. Killing a protected species might result in a sixth-month prison sentence or an $11, 000 fine.

What happens if a platypus stings you? 

Although the venom is strong enough to paralyse small animals, it is not fatal to humans. It does, however, cause a terrible pain that can make the person unconscious. When the platypus stings you, the entry wound swells up quickly and then extends outward.

What does a platypus look like? 

The platypus and its closest relative, the Echidna are members of the monotreme order of mammals. They are the only remaining member of this species among Australia’s, Tasmania’s, and New Guinea’s marsupials.

What is the minimum food requirement for a platypus?

To stay alive, the platypus needs to consume at least 20% of its body weight. Given that these animals can weigh up to five pounds, they require up to 1-2 pounds of food per day. They eat while hunting as well, storing smaller prey in their cheek pouches and consuming them once an hour while searching for more food. Whereas larger prey, such as freshwater yabbies are consumed immediately.

How does a platypus go about finding food? 

The platypus is a nocturnal creature, meaning most active during the dawn or dusk hours. It can hunt for up to 12 hours a day and store prey in the cheeks. The platypus can track the movement of prey by detecting electrical currents in water via receptors in its bill. Even though the platypus swims with its eyes, ears, and nose closer, this permits it to hunt for food.

What do platypuses eat? 

The platypuses are carnivores, meaning it eats other animals. Platypuses are classified as molluscivores. They eat invertebrates including worms, as well as freshwater shrimp and yabby, which are among their prey. Adult insects are their additional prey. They have no teeth and instead, they chew their food with two grinding plates and ridges on the upper and lower jaws.

Does platypus have a stomach? 

No, a platypus doesn’t have a stomach. Its gullet is connected to the intestines directly. There are no significant acids or digesting enzymes secreted from the middle sac.

Do platypuses have extra bones?

The platypus contains additional bones in the shoulder area that are not found in other mammals, as well as unusually dense bones that aid in water ballast. Because their legs are on the sides of their bodies rather than underneath, they walk like an alligator on land.

How does a female platypus nurse its babies?

A female platypus shuts itself inside a burrow chamber to lay one or two lizard-like eggs, keeping them warm by cradling them between her body and her tail. In about ten days, the eggs hatch, and the offspring are the size of Lima beans and completely defenceless. The female platypus nurses its newborns for three to four months until they are able to swim independently. The eggs and the blind and hairless babies have nothing to do with the male platypuses. 

Do other animals eat platypuses? 

Snakes, water rats, birds of prey, and occasionally crocodiles consume platypuses. Platypuses that wander onto land are likely to be killed by foxes, dingoes, and wild dogs. 

Do platypus carry diseases? 

Platypus Mucormycosis and Devil Facial Tumour are caused by different pathogens and can create unpleasant malformations in affected animals and can kill them. 

Is it possible for you to own a platypus? 

Even for huge zoos and research facilities, keeping platypus in captivity is tough and expensive. In Australia, platypus cannot be lawfully kept as pets, and there are currently no legal possibilities for exporting them.


In this brief text, we answered the question, “Can you eat platypus?”. We also discussed many other questions such as what is the minimum food requirement for a platypus, what platypuses eat, and more.

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