Can you eat pickling cucumbers without pickling?

In this brief blog we are going to answer the question, “Can you eat pickling cucumbers without pickling?” We will also discuss the differences between pickling cucumbers and regular cucumbers. Lastly, we will go through some varieties of pickling cucumbers.

Can you eat pickling cucumbers without pickling?

Yes, you can definitely eat pickling cucumbers without pickling. Pickling cucumbers are small types of cucumbers that can be distinguished by their small height of about 6 inches. They usually have bumpy skins and firm flesh.

They can be consumed sliced, pickled or raw. Pickling cucumbers usually have a very thin and delicate texture and do not require to be peeled off. Their seeds are also consumable because they are soft making the whole cucumber edible.

What are the differences between pickling and regular cucumbers?

There are some notable differences which can be picked visually but also non-visually between pickling and regular cucumbers. The clear differences between pickling and regular cucumbers are:

The height size:

As earlier mentioned,pickling cucumbers don’t grow more than 6 inches and are therefore much smaller in length than the regular cucumbers. Pickling cucumbers also tend to have ends which are tapered which gives them a good fit inside cans. On the other hand, regular cucumbers tend to be a bit longer than pickling cucumbers.

Skin type:

Pickling cucumbers are good for mixing with spices because they usually have a thinner skin, so you can blend your spices much better. They also tend to have on their skin tiny bumps in contrast with regular cucumbers that have a softer and smoother texture.

Color formation:

Pickling cucumbers usually have a dark green color at the stem and a slightly lighter green color towards the end; whereas, regular cucumbers have a consistent green color all over their body.

Do pickling cucumbers taste the same as regular cucumbers?

Not at all, pickling cucumbers usually have a stronger flavor, sourness and tanginess than regular cucumbers. Regular cucumbers also tend to have more water content and large seeds which makes them taste a bit bitter. 

How do you eat pickling cucumbers?

Let’s take look at some ways to eat pickling cucumbers so that you reap the nutritional benefits:

As a side dish:

Pickling cucumbers can be served as a side dish to the main dishes. They can be served with stir fried rice, meat skewers such as mutton, chicken, beef skew, and other dishes. You can as well serve pickling cucumbers as side dishes.


You can as well have your pickling cucumbers as raw and fresh salads. To add more flavor to the dish you can always throw in some capsicum, cashew nuts, lettuces, and salt. This will add to the nutritional benefit of your salad.

Processed food:

Pickling cucumbers can also be harvested and processed for canning. Their size and texture usually make them ideal for canning purposes. 

What are some varieties of pickling cucumbers?

The National Pickling Cucumber

As the name suggests the  National Pickling Cucumber is a versatile cucumber that can be used to deliver all sorts and types of pickles. It was the pioneer cucumber introduced by the National Pickle Packers Association. It matures to be a 6 inches long cucumber and grows with tapering ends.

To reap a boom harvest from it, it is recommended to be transplanted instead of having to plant it directly.

Boston Pickling Cucumber

The Boston Pickling cucumber derives its name from Boston, where it was first introduced in the 1800s in Massachusetts. It has a greenish color and a very thin and soft skin.

It is also a seedless cucumber, and packs a very intense flavor, crispness and a massive producer that is recommended to be grown because of its solid harvest.  Boston Pickling cucumbers reach maturity in around 49 to 55 days and require good amounts of sunlight and aeration in order for them to grow sufficiently and make a sufficient harvest.

The Bush Pickle

If you happen to have sufficient space, the bush pickle is the best variety of pickling cucumbers that you can plant. 

The Bush pickle  produces sweet, smooth-skinned cucumbers.It has cucumbers growing to around 3 to 5 inches in size when mature.

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In this brief article we have answered the question, “Can you eat pickling cucumbers without pickling?” We have discussed the differences between pickling cucumbers and regular cucumbers. Lastly, we have gone through some varieties of pickling cucumbers.