Can you eat peacock?

In this brief article, we will address the question “can you eat peacock?”. We will also answer the question about what a peacock is, what a peacock tastes like, is it safe to eat peacocks, what the benefits of eating peacocks and how to properly store peacocks. We will also touch on how to cook a peacock and some culinary uses of peacocks.

Can you eat peacock?

Yes, you can eat peacocks. The delicious meat is enjoyed all around the world. Peacock meats can be enjoyed as a good quality substitute for your chicken and turkey protein sources in nearly all dishes. 

What is a peacock?

Peacocks originate from the Phasianidae family which are closely related to other species such as turkey, chicken, pheasants and quail. 

There are two species of the bird, namely the blue peacock which is purposely grown as livestock and the green peacock usually preserved as a special species and protected by the law. The male birds are known as the peacocks with such extravagant displays of feathers while the females are called the peahen. 

The birds are omnivores thus they usually feed on plants, insects and other small animals.

The meat of peacocks is usually laborious to prepare due to their dense feathers. The meat is large and tougher on the exterior and requires long periods of cooking than other bird meats. 

It is highly recommended that professionals and well-experienced persons slaughter and prepare their meat.

What does the peacock taste like?

The taste of peacocks is largely dependent on how the meat is cooked and the diet in which they are used. However, generally, the meat is tougher with a gamey texture similar to that of wild turkey. 

The meat can taste tender if cooked properly. On the other hand, the meat of free range peacocks tastes gamier than that bred for consumption under strict diets. 

Is it safe to eat peacocks?

The meat of peacock is safe to eat like most meats, only that some precautions should be considered to ensure the safety of the meat you are consuming. Peacock meat should be cooked thoroughly with no traces of pink to ensure any bacteria present is killed to prevent any sickness when consumed.

What are the benefits of eating peacock meat?

Like all meat, peacock meat is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals and most crucially low in fat. These nutrients serve a lot of benefits to the body when consumed. 

  • The rich protein peacock meat is excellent for growth, maintaining and repairing bodily tissues.
  • The excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B6, B12, iron and potassium are great for protecting the body against diseases.
  • Peacock meat is low-fat meat with low cholesterol usually great for weight loss. 

How can you store a peacock?

You can store peacock meat just like other poultry and turkey meats. Once the meat is thoroughly prepared, the right method of storage may also be considered and chosen depending on the duration of storage. Well cleaned and prepared peacocks can be used in 3 ways:

  • The meat of peacocks can be stored in the fridge for about 2 to 3 days under storage conditions of 4oC.
  • The peacock meat can also be stored for relatively long periods in the freezer for about 1 to 2 months at a temperature of -18oC. 

How to cook peacock meat?

The peacock meat can be cooked in several different ways just like the meat of chicken and turkey. The meat can be boiled, baked, grilled, steamed, roasted, ground into meatballs or sausages and more. Peacock meat consists of parts like the neck, wings, breasts and legs just like the chicken meat.

  • The neck and wings of peacocks can be cooked and used in soups or also as barbecues.
  • The breasts of the peacock can be baked as breast fillets in an oven or cooked over a griddle.
  • The legs or thighs of peacocks are juicy and can be used in stews.
  • The whole peacock meat may also be baked just like chicken and turkey meats.

What are some culinary uses of peacocks?

The meat can be used as a substitute for other protein sources like the chicken in many recipes. All the different parts of the peacock meat are vital for dishes that require the use of other birds. The meat can be cooked in numerous ways and used in the preparation of stews, broths, fillets and more.


In this brief article, we have addressed the question “can you eat peacock?”. We have also answered the question about what a peacock is, what it tastes like, is it safe to eat a peacock, what are the benefits of peacock and how to properly store a peacock. We also touched on how to cook peacocks and some culinary uses of peacocks.


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