Can you eat pasta with lpr?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “can you eat pasta with lpr?”. We will also learn about what pasta and lpr are, the way lpr happens and effects of lpr, the effect pasta has on lpr, some foods that cause lpr and foods to remedy lpr, the proper way to prepare pasta and eat with lpr, and some perfect pasta dishes to eat with lpr,  and the remedies for lpr.   

Can you eat pasta with lpr?

Yes, you can eat pasta with lpr. Eating pasta by itself will not trigger acid reflux. Likewise eating pasta with little sauce and cheese and less complicated topping will not cause any harm. However, consuming acidic foods or high-fat foods along with pasta may trigger lpr conditions. 

What is pasta?

Pasta is a dish typically produced from an unleavened dough of wheat flour and mixed with water or eggs to form sheets and other shapes to be boiled or baked. 

Flour from other ingredients like rice, beans and others may be used to replace wheat for different varieties. The pH levels of pasta lean towards neutral and are not likely to cause acid reflux by itself.

What is lpr?

Laryngopharyngeal reflux (lpr) is a condition of the digestive system in which acid produced in the stomach travels up the oesophagus (gut) and reaches the throat. 

The condition is commonly observed as a sore throat and an irritated larynx (voice box). The condition is mostly caused and can be remedied by lifestyle improvement.

How does lpr take place?

The legit cause of lpr is the acid of the stomach that bubbles up into the throat. When eating, food is swallowed which travels down the throat through the oesophagus and enters the stomach. 

A muscle in the body controls the opening and closure between the oesophagus and the stomach which remains closed tightly until the food is swallowed. 

However, in the situation when the muscle fails to close, the acids of the stomach can travel back up into the oesophagus leading to the condition of laryngopharyngeal reflux.

What foods can cause lpr when consumed?

Because lpr is a condition associated with the digestive system, the foods we consume are the major cause of the condition. Most commonly the food choices we make, the methods of preparation, the types of beverages consumed and the portion sizes are important to the root cause of acid reflux. 

One may avoid foods such as alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, cheese intense foods, chilli, chocolate, citrus drinks, club sandwiches, fried foods, high-fat sauces, high-fat side dishes, creamy foods, peppers, tomato based foods and more to reduce the incidence of lpr conditions.  

What foods are less likely to cause lpr?

To reduce the incidence of lpr conditions certain foods are less likely to trigger acid reflux in the digestive system. Some foods that are less prone to trigger the condition include baked potatoes with low-fat salad dressing, broth based soups, grilled foods, lean cut and white meats, lighter desserts, sandwiches with turkey, chicken or roasted beef on whole grain bread and steamed vegetables. 

What are the effects of lpr?

Lpr conditions are usually felt in the throat and their effects may include sore throat, mild hoarseness, a sensation of a lump in the throat, a sensation of mucus sticking in the throat or post nasal drip, chronic coughs, redden, swollen or irritated voice box, difficulty in swallowing and the feeling to clear the throat. 

What is the influence of pasta on lpr?

Pasta is a high carbohydrate food with little amounts of fibre and minerals. Carbohydrates are good for remedying acid reflux. However, because the pH value of acid ranges from 5.10 to 6.50, they may be acid forming and trigger acid reflux depending on the methods of preparation and types of ingredients utilised.

How to properly prepare pasta to eat with lpr?

The choice of cooking methods and ingredients for preparing your pasta dish may trigger lpr or have no effect on it. The proper way to prepare and eat your pasta dish with lpr means preparing pasta meals with less acidic ingredients such as tomatoes. 

Also, avoid cooking pasta by stir frying method, you may boil pasta in a stock of meat to flavour them.

Avoid preparing pasta with sophisticated salad topping which may trigger acid reflux.

What are some perfect pasta dishes to eat with lpr?

Pasta dishes that are perfect for people with lpr conditions especially those that are carefully prepared with the right ingredients and methods. 

Some perfect pasta recipes that will not trigger acid reflux include spaghetti with marinara sauce, pasta with alfredo sauce, chicken pesto pasta, spaghetti carbonara, vegan pumpkin pasta and others. 

What are the remedies for lpr?

LPR conditions do not usually require medical procedures to treat but can be remedied by improved lifestyle changes. It is in very severe cases that lpr may require surgery for treatment. The following modifications can be implemented in one’s life to treat lpr conditions:

  • Following a bland diet which is usually low in acids and fat and less spicy.
  • Practice frequent eating while eating small portions.
  • Avoid eating meals less than 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Losing weight.
  • You may also take antiacid drugs based on prescriptions.


In this brief guide, we have answered the question “can you eat pasta with lpr?”. We also learnt about what pasta and lpr are, the way lpr occurs and effects of lpr, foods that trigger and remedy lpr, the influence of pasta on lpr, how to properly pasta and eat with lpr, and perfect pasta dishes to eat with lpr and how to remedy lpr.


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