Can you eat past 8?

In this brief article, we will address the query “ can you eat past 8?”. We will also discuss the questions about eating past 8 bad, does eating past 8 make you gain weight, what healthy meals to eat past 8 and what unhealthy meals to avoid past 8.

Can you eat past 8?

Yes, you can eat past 8 and any time afterwards. You only need to know why you have to eat and the kinds of dishes to eat at that time. Depending on the individual’s levels of activity past 8 and their bedtime schedules, one can eat past 8 and the right dish must be considered.

Is eating past 8 bad?

No, eating past 8 is not bad, and it usually depends on what you want to eat and why? If you need to eat past 8, know why you need to eat and make the right choice of food to support your body and provide maximum nutrition.

Does eating past 8 make you gain weight?

There is no evidence from scientific research that suggests eating past 8 can make one gain weight. These are myths and there is no relevant literature to prove them. 

However, weight gain is directly related to the number of calories consumed and those used during the day’s activities. If you eat more calories than you can burn, then there is the potential to gain weight.

What healthy meals can you eat past 8?

In most instances, people can eat whatever meal they wish to eat past 8 but your motivation for doing so is very clear. An adage goes by “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper” which simply means you eat your rich and heavy meals during the day and in the evening time you consume the poor meals. 

This comes to support the fact that in most cases people are very active in the daytime and are more likely to burn the more calories they consume. On the other hand, in the evening time, most people are less likely to do any tedious work past 8 because they may be retiring to bed. 

If you need to satisfy that urge for food and fill up at nighttime after a long day? You can consider some healthy late night foods like popcorn, greek yoghurt, avocado toast, oatmeal, tofu, celery, eggs, almonds, watermelon, apples and more. 

What unhealthy meals must be avoided past 8?

If you are retiring to bed past 8, do not consider calories rich foods as your late dinner. Eating past 8 and going to bed afterwards means it is unlikely for the meal you have consumed to be digested. 

The digestion process is significantly slowed down when one is sleeping, this is because the level of activeness of the body has reduced and thus body organs also slow down their activities. In this sense, it is difficult to burn lots of calories when sleeping. 

You must avoid foods like chocolates, ice creams, curry, cheese, preserved meats and more. These are high in fat and refined sugars with high calories which cannot be broken down when sleeping.

What are some tips to consider when eating past 8?

If only you have to eat past 8, note that nighttime is not the time to load up calories. The tips can guide you to eat well past 8.

  • Always keep your night meals small, less spicy and low in calories.
  • Avoid eating trigger foods that hook you after one bite, since these may cause you to overeat.
  • Avoid eating in front of screens, as entertainment puts your brains on autopilot and you don’t release when you are over eating.
  • Always prioritise a good night’s rest, as this will prevent you from sleeping late and being tempted to eat. 

What are the possible implications of eating unhealthy meals past 8?

If you consume meals that are unhealthy before your bedtime, you are most likely to experience several health hazards. Some of the possible implications of eating unhealthy meals past 8 include indigestion, heart burns, acid reflux, increase in blood sugar levels, weight gain, poor food choices as well as poor memorization and concentration.

Who can eat rich caloric foods past 8?

Your level of physical activities past 8 determines the kind of meals to eat. People working on night shifts who are usually very active throughout the nighttime may consume high caloric foods from proteins, carbohydrates and fats sources to constantly supply them with energy for their work. 

These include production and manufacturing floor shift workers, firefighters, police and security services, vehicle drivers and many more.


In this brief article, we have addressed the query “can you eat past 8?”. We also answered some questions about eating past 8 bad, does eating past 8 make you gain weight, what healthy meals to eat past 8 and what unhealthy meals to avoid past 8.