Can you eat out with a Christmas bubble? (3 Points to Consider)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, Can you eat out with a Christmas bubble? We will discuss what being with your Christmas bubble means for this year versus last. 

Can you eat out with a Christmas bubble?

You should be able to eat out with your Christmas bubble, which was not allowed last year. Last year, the second wave of the Covid hit which crippled the joys of Christmas for the British. However, this year brings possibilities and hope. 

The Christmas bubble did not allow the people of London and the southeast to celebrate Christmas, while for other areas there was ease. However, there is no mention of the Christmas bubbles and restrictions for eating out yet. 

Will there be a lockdown in Britain this Christmas Eve?

There are no specific guidelines issued for this year’s Christmas yet.

Things are not looking good in Europe, the Omicron has brought the lockdown back. However, so far there are no restrictions for the rest of the world including Britain. 

The ministers of the UK assured the public that lockdown will be the last resort; only if things get out of hand. The UK is not showing a rise in cases of new cases, nor there are as many hospilization and critical cases.

However, nobody knows yet what the future might hold for Britain and the rest of the world. A lockdown at Christmas time is a possibility depending on the circumstances. 

What does the Christmas bubble mean?

The term Christmas bubble was brought forth last year in light of Christmas celebrations in the UK. The bubble system states the rules and regulations regarding the festivities of Christmas. 

The lockdown was eased in 2020 so that Christmas can be enjoyed for a week. The bubble allowed 3 different families to meet during Christmas time. 

There was no restriction to the size of the Christmas bubble. A Christmas bubble could have as many as 18 members. However, when it came to mingling indoors, only three households were allowed. A person was allowed to have one Christmas bubble, where they could embrace and hold their dear ones close. 

People were not allowed to eat out with their Christmas bubble. Hospitality venues stayed shut according to the tier of lockdown for each region.

The public health council mentioned all the rules for citizens to carry out Christmas activities safely within the defined limits. 

What were the rules enforced regarding the Christmas bubble last year?

You could not eat out with your Christmas bubble last year. The members of a Christmas bubble were allowed to meet in other public places such as places of worship and gardens. 

Other rules were specified according to tiers.

Are the restaurants in the UK open for you to eat out with your Christmas bubble this year?

In 2021, many of the restaurants had reopened all over the world, including the UK. With consideration of the SOPs and your vaccination status, you could eat at your favorite restaurant. Restaurants continue to stay open with staff members that are vaccinated. 

In London, many top-tier restaurants in South Bank, Mayfair, Moorgate, Knights bridge, Whitehall, The City, and Chelsea continue to be open at Christmas time hosting people during this festival. 

The Omicron variant poses a threat, which means there is a possible fear of shutting down the hospitality industry. While currently, you can eat out, people have been canceling Christmas parties in fear of a foreseeable threat.

Ever since, Omicron has made the news, eating out has been greatly reduced. A large percentage of the UK population has stopped eating out for the past week. It is not clear, how keen people would be for eating out during Christmas time.

In England, stricter face coverings in public spaces such as buses and shops are being enforced. 

In July, restaurants, bars, and cafes reopened in much of the UK including England, Scotland, and Ireland.

More than six people were allowed to sit at a table with no mandates for masks. Proof of vaccination was also not enforced at concerts, shows, theatres, pubs. In Scotland, different levels of measures were enforced, where ten to fifteen people could meet and 400 people were allowed to meet in indoor events.

The rules were more lenient in areas like Ireland, and Wales, where there was no restriction on the number of people that could get together even indoors. 


In this brief guide, we answered the question, Can you eat out with a Christmas bubble? We discussed what being with your Christmas bubble means for this year versus last.