Can you eat noodles when sick

In this article, We will discuss the question “can you eat noodles when sick?”, what noodle dishes you should try when sick, and what food you should eat with your noodles when sick to get better quickly.

Can you eat noodles when sick?

Yes, you can eat noodles when sick. Being sick requires your body to consume more calories and nutrients to recover quickly. Noodles are quick to prepare and can be quite versatile, which means that anything you have in the fridge can potentially be an ingredient in the dish.

By being relatively cheap, quick and easy to prepare, as well as readily available in most grocery stores and supermarkets, noodles make the perfect meal to nurse you back to health. 

What noodle recipes should you try when sick?

Of course, this depends on what sickness you have. Some illnesses require different dietary habits and different medications. We have classified the most common sickness and provided the types of noodle dishes you can consume when having that sickness.

Common cold/flu

Having a cold is inconvenient but it is the most common for people to get. If you get the flu, it is recommended that you consume soup-based noodles because they are filling, highly nutritious, and can be easily found or made. 

There are many soup-based noodle dishes around the world, but Asian cuisines tend to be the most suitable to eat when having the flu. Some examples include pho from Vietnam, ramen from Japan, and wonton-soup noodle from China. A western alternative would be to make chicken noodle soup.

It is also recommended that you add chili oil or something else with a bit of spiciness to the broth because the capsaicin in chilis can help break down the mucus in your nose and nasal cavities so that you can breathe a bit better.

Acid reflux

People with acid reflux can have various responses to noodles. It is said that you should avoid foods made mainly from wheat flour. However, eating noodles in moderation should be fine, especially when you’re only consuming the while feeling under the weather.

Avoid spicy or acidic condiments and seasonings as these flavors can intensify the pain and prevent you from healing. Increase your water intake by eating noodles with clear broth. Avoid rich broth such as rich ramen noodle soup as it could also worsen the symptoms.


Like cold and acid reflux, yes you are allowed to eat noodles, especially those served with warm, nutritious broth. Diarrhea is often caused by food poisoning, so avoid buying noodles from sketchy places if you don’t have the energy or capacity to cook one up yourself. 

Dehydration is your main enemy when having diarrhea. A clear broth is recommended because it contains more water compared to rich broths and can help ease your stomach muscles if you have sharp pain or cramps during your trips to the bathroom.

What foods should you eat with your noodles when sick?

Eating noodles by themselves is boring and when you are sick, you should prioritize eating a variety of food to help your body gain all the nutrients they need to recover. Here are a few foods that you need to consume more of when sick and what side dishes you could consider.

Lean meat and fish

Protein consumption is the number one thing your body needs to rebuild damaged cells in your body. There are a variety of sources of protein, but lean meats and fish are one of the best choices. They are highly nutritious, delicious, and easy to prepare. 

Leafy greens

Greens are high in fiber and packed with vitamins and minerals. Some examples of the recommended greens are spinach and kale. They contain iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, as well as folate which can help when your body has the flu.

Herb/ginger tea

While eating your noodles, it is a good idea to help your body rehydrate and stay warm by drinking a warm beverage. If you have the flu, drinking tea infused with citrus and ginger may help alleviate some symptoms such as mucus buildup, dizziness, and nausea. 

If you are interested in making some herbal tea to help when you have the flu, consider going to Mastercook and reading their article on how to prepare a warm tea to help speed up your recovery.


In this article, We have discussed the question “can you eat noodles when sick?”, what noodle dishes you should try when sick, and what side dishes you should eat with your noodles when sick, to get better quickly.


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