Can you eat non-fish sushi when pregnant

In this blog article, we will discuss whether you can eat non-fish sushi when pregnant, the types of non-fish sushi that are safe for pregnant mothers to consume, as well as the safety of food condiments regularly eaten with sushi during pregnancy.

Can you eat non-fish sushi when pregnant?

Yes, you can eat non-fish sushi while pregnant. Pregnancy often limits the list of items that mothers can consume. 

Uncooked fish carry the risk of listeriosis, a disease caused by the bacterium listeria common in raw seafood. Fish may also be the main source of mercury poisoning. So it is more beneficial to eat sushi that doesn’t showcase fish as its main ingredient. 

There are many varieties of non-fish sushi that are completely safe for pregnant women to consume, and of course, don’t lack out on that umami and satisfying flavour.

What are the types of non-fish sushi safe for pregnant women?

Many Japanese sushi recipes showcased ingredients other than fish. The Japanese have a long and complex list of the different types of sushi. We have compiled a list of possible menus for your reference if you happen to be craving a Japanese meal. 

Tamagoyaki roll/nigiri

Tamago means eggs in Japanese. Since they do not contain any meat or fish, they are safe not only for pregnant mothers to eat but also for those who follow a vegetarian or pescatarian diet. However, keep in mind that eggs can be a source of salmonella if not cooked properly.

The risk of contamination is small, especially considering the Japanese standards of quality for their products are quite high. But it is never bad to exercise caution, especially when you are during the early stages of pregnancy when the baby is more vulnerable to diseases.

Vegetable/Mushroom nigiri

If you are craving a fish/seafood-like texture during pregnancy, sushi made from grilled mushroom slices or vegetables can be an option when slathered with a light layer of soy sauce to bring out that salty ocean flavour.

There are many options for this and here are some of the most popular varieties:

  • Nasu nigiri (eggplant)
  • Shiitake mushroom nigiri
  • Avocado nigiri

Crustacean and mollusk rolls/nigiri

Shrimps, squid, octopus, crabs, and lobsters are generally safe to eat and are recommended by the FDA for pregnant mothers to consume due to their high protein content. However, like any other food, always keep track of what and where your food comes from and make sure they are prepared correctly.

Shrimp eaten during pregnancy should be fully-cooked and come from a place you know for sure has low mercury contamination. As mentioned earlier in this blog, the main concern with eating raw seafood is listeriosis. If you would like to learn more about what listeria is and how to prevent getting them, please refer to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention’s page on listeria here.

Imitation meat rolls/nigiri

With advances in food technology, scientists have been able to create imitation salmon fillets made from plant-based ingredients. While it is not real salmon per se, it should satisfy your cravings for raw fish and seafood with no risk of harming yourself or the baby.

If you would like to purchase and try out this imitation salmon for yourself, We recommend the product by Zeastar.

As a precaution, there are several restaurants that offer imitation crab meat. It is important to ask if they are made from plant-based materials, or made of surimi. Surimi is basically highly processed fish meat. Although they are not raw and have been processed thoroughly, it is best to avoid them altogether during pregnancy

Are sushi condiments safe for pregnant mothers?

Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is safe for pregnant mothers to consume. However, due to its high salt content, you need to enjoy it in moderation.


Wasabi is safe to consume. There had been no adverse effects seen in mothers who consume wasabi during their pregnancy. Just watch out not to consume too much in one sitting due to wasabi’s iconic spicy taste.

Pickled ginger

Eating pickled ginger also has no adverse effects on pregnant women. In fact, the consumption of pickled ginger can alleviate nausea and soothe the palette.

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In this blog article, we have discussed whether you can eat non-fish sushi when pregnant, the types of non-fish sushi that were safe for pregnant mothers to consume, as well as the safety of food condiments regularly eaten with sushi during pregnancy.