Can you eat nitrogen ice cream when pregnant?

In this guide we will answer the question, “can you eat nitrogen ice cream when pregnant? We will also get to know the effects of nitrogen ice cream on human health, especially on pregnant females, how nitrogen ice cream is made and all the nutrients present in nitrogen ice cream. 

Can you eat nitrogen ice cream when pregnant?

It is safe to eat nitrogen ice cream during pregnancy, if the nitrogen is completely removed from ice cream it will not cause any damage to the body. Liquid nitrogen ice cream contains milk, sugar, cream, and other ingredients which are completely safe.

If you are restricting your fat intake during pregnancy then you should go for low-fat ice cream. Non-fat ice creams are good to eat during pregnancy.

How is liquid nitrogen ice cream made?

Nitrogen ice cream is made by taking the regular ice cream custard and freezing it with liquid nitrogen. This process does not allow nitrogen to be incorporated into ice cream. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 °C which quickly freezes the ice cream and the remaining nitrogen evaporates as gas.

The rapid freezing of ice cream makes its texture creamy and full of flavours. The ice cream’s creamy quality comes from the liquid nitrogen, which keeps the fat and water particles very small. You have to make sure that large ice crystals are not formed in your ice cream.

There is no colour and taste of liquid nitrogen. It takes a lot of experience and care to make liquid nitrogen ice cream as liquid nitrogen is quite harmful and can cause severe burns if exposed to the skin. Inhaling liquid nitrogen can cause damage to the respiratory tract.

The liquid nitrogen technique has become a common trend in restaurants and ice cream manufacturers due to its increasing popularity. The safety and handling of liquid nitrogen are very important as liquid nitrogen can cause burns on the skin when it comes in contact with it. It can also damage your internal organs such as the lungs and throat when inhaled.

Pregnancy comes with a lot of cravings. The most common of them is ice cream craving. Pregnancy is a delicate period in which you must eat healthy and nutritious foods for your own and your baby’s well-being.

Which type of ice cream is safe in pregnancy?

To answer this question we should know that we have several types of icecreams, some of the common and mostly consumed ice creams are listed below.

  • Custard base ice cream
  • Gelato
  • Sorbet
  • Frozen yoghourt

Custard-based ice cream is your regular typical ice cream that is easily accessible and it is high in fat due to the presence of milk fats and egg yolk. Pregnant females should use it by keeping in mind their calorie intake.

Frozen yoghurt contains high-fat cream and yoghurt and it contains vegetable oil in it. Frozen yoghurt has a unique flavour in it. Gelato is usually healthier than other ice creams as it contains 4-9 % of fat in it. Gelato is only made with milk.

Sorbets are generally made from sugar, water, fruit juices, many flavours, and even wine. Sometimes the sorbets contain natural fruit juices and many of the sorbets  contain higher amounts of sugars and other additives. Sorbets are usually good for those pregnant females who are restricting their fat or dairy intake.

All ice creams are healthy for pregnant females according to the individual’s condition and requirements.

What is the nutritional value of nitrogen ice cream?

Ice cream is comfort food and nowadays many vegan and organic ice creams are introduced in the market which are totally healthy and contain no additives.  The fat and sugar content varies according to the types of ice cream.. Following nutrients are present in 100 gm of  ice cream.

Nutrients Quantity 
carbohydrates16 g
fats7 g
protein2.5 g
sugars14 g
Vitamin A 278 mg
Vitamin B60 mg
Folate 3.3 mcg
Calcium 84 mg
phosphorus70 mg
potassium131 mg
Sodium 53 mg
Choline 17 mg

How can liquid nitrogen ice cream be harmful?

  • Ingesting liquid nitrogen can cause serious internal harm and should be avoided.
  • The extremely cold temperature of liquid nitrogen can cause cryogenic burns on the skin.
  • Nitrogen can be converted into a gas from liquid pretty quickly. This can cause a deficiency of oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • According to the FDA, liquid nitrogen must be used in a way to make it safe for consumers.


In this guide we answered the question, “can you eat nitrogen ice cream when pregnant? We also got to know the effects of nitrogen ice cream on human health, especially on pregnant females, how nitrogen ice cream is made, and all the nutrients present in nitrogen ice cream. 


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