Can you eat kneaders when pregnant?

In this article we are going to answer: can you eat kneaders when pregnant, what are kneaders, is it healthy to eat at kneaders when pregnant, what happens if you overeat at kneaders when pregnant and what are the healthiest options for kneaders. 

Can you eat kneader when pregnant?

Yes, you can eat at Kneaders Bakery and Cafe when pregnant. They have a huge menu from which you can choose the safest and most nutritious dish for you. You just need to be sure that deli meats that are used in sandwiches are fully cooked and stored well.

Kneaders Bakery and Cafe follows all food regulations so it should be safe to eat there. Just do not overeat sweets and desserts. 

What is Kneaders Bakery and Cafe?

Kneaders is a bakery and cafe that is based in Orem, Utah. The first Kneaders Bakery and Cafe opened in 1997 by Gary and Colleen Worthington. Nowadays, the bakery and cafe chain operates in more than 53 locations all over the United States.

Unlike Panera and other chain bakeries, Kneaders do not have central production facilities. Each store bakes its own bread and the bread flour comes from a single source to keep the  standard recipe and flavor between stores. 

Because they bake at every store, they are famous for having fresh high-quality bread. Almost everything is made at the moment or on the same day which keeps food fresh and safe to eat. Also, it means they use fewer additives and chemicals in food. 

They have a huge menu that includes breakfast, sandwiches, bread, salads, soups, pastries and desserts, coffee drinks, smoothies, beverages, and kids’ meals. 

One of the most famous dishes on their menu is the slow-roasted turkey. It is so good and fresh because every night it is slow-roasted and hand-pulled to have fresh turkey. 

Is it healthy to eat Kneaders when pregnant?

Kneaders Bakery and Cafe have both healthy and not that healthy options to eat when pregnant. Even if they bake artisan bread daily, some choices can be very high in calories, carbohydrates, and sodium. 

For breakfast, you can choose omelets or egg options with lower calories and a side of vegetables and whole grain bread.

For lunch, choose a veggie sandwich on whole-grain bread or try a large salad with not too much dressing. Vegetable soups are also healthy but try to eat them in moderation because they are high in sodium. 

Pastries, cupcakes, brownies, and cakes are high in calories, fat, sugar, and sodium. 

What happens if you overeat at Kneaders when pregnant?

Kneaders Bakery and Cafe have both healthy and not that healthy options on the menu. If you go for more caloric food and dessert it can lead to rapid weight gain because of its sugar, calorie, fat, and sodium content. 

The consumption of more caloric food and desserts than healthy food can be fatal to pregnant women because it can interfere with proper fetal development.

If you gain too much weight during pregnancy there are several complications mom and baby can suffer.

  • Gestational Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Complications during birth
  • Baby health 

Gestational Diabetes

You can develop gestational diabetes, a condition where glucose or sugar in the blood is way too high and insulin can’t work correctly. You may need to take medication and the mother can develop diabetes even after the baby is born. 

High Blood pressure

You can develop eclampsia and preeclampsia. Both can lead to mother and baby complications and even death. 

Complications during birth 

If you gain too much weight it’s more likely that you end up in cesarean because vaginal birth tends to be more difficult with excess weight. Also, babies of mothers who gain too much weight are usually bigger. It can also lead to premature birth. 

Baby health 

Moms that gain too much weight tend to have babies with high birth weight and these babies have more risk of being obese and developing diabetes when older. The lack of nutrients in junk food can interfere with proper organ development. 

Babies of moms that didn’t follow a healthy diet during pregnancy have more risk of behavior disorders like depression, attention deficit disorder, and poor learning. Also, a lack of nutrients in a mother’s diet has been connected with autism. 

What are the healthiest options at Kneaders?

Some healthiest options are half turkey classic cafe, Thai chicken salad, artichoke portobello soup, no dairy berry smoothie, eclair from pastries and desserts, and peasant bread. Here is the menu to see more options.

These options have fewer calories, less sodium, and less fat than others on the menu. Try to stick to your healthy and balanced diet so that when you eat out of home, you can enjoy your food without guilt. 


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