Can you eat kief?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Can you eat kief?” with an in-depth analysis of the methods of collecting kief and the effects of eating kief on our bodies.

Can you eat kief?

Yes, we can eat kief. Consuming kief is similar to the consumption of infusible seeds. Coffee is a major drink in which we can use kief but if you are not a coffee lover then you can also add it into a cup of tea. Only a very little content of kief can make a potent drink that should be 1 mg or 6 oz.

What is kief?

Kief is a powder-like constituent that is synthesized from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is used for preparing the kief when it is in its mature form. Kief basically refers to the powdery resin obtained from the trichomes of cannabis. Trichomes consist of the greatest concentration of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids generally grow on buds and leaves.

Accumulation of these trichomes creates a fine powdered-like material which is called kief. This trichome is also termed as resin gland. Kief can also be written as keef. 

Kief is itself a more potent product than any other floral agents which traditionally exist, it is also considered less potent as compared to the shatter, wax, butter, and oil which are the extracted concentrates.

The quality of kief is all dependent on the plant or tree from where you are extracting it. Kief has a fair green colour. This green colour indicates that kief is a mixture of different plant matter or it can also indicate that this mixture is low in quality for kief, which needs to be refined more.

Kief which is blonde or has a very light tan having an attractive aroma is considered a more pure form of kief and also has more kief which can be termed as of high-quality kief product.

Interesting facts about kief

Some of the interesting facts about kief, which you probably don’t know are described below:

Kief consists of THC in high content

Kief consists of a high amount of THC. While all other floral agents consist of almost 12 to 25 per cent THC, kief usually results in 50 per cent of THC which sometimes can also exceed over 50 per cent and reaches up to 80 per cent.

The question arises which is one of the agents that become a reason for this high THC. To answer this question we should have a concept of trichomes of the plant. These trichomes consist of the high content of cannabinoids when this cannabis is separated, their separation makes them more potent.

That is the reason, kief is generally considered a quick medication for patients. It is a concentrated material that gives a strong dose of terpenes and cannabinoids.

There are different colours of kief

Kief has different colours and shades. When it exists in its purest natural form, it gives a shade of light colours while the dark colour kief, such as green kief, indicates that it is a mixture of many other matters of the plant which also presents that it is not a cleaned product of kief.

But, when proper cleaning is done, the kief gives a shade of off-white colour. Kief which is separated in a correct form from its origins, such as plant or other plant matters, leaves behind the purest form of kief that is a more potent powder.

Kief can be an additive of coffee

Consumption of kief does not limit smoking. For those who are coffee lovers, kief can be a part of a cup of Joe. 

Kief has the ingredient cannabinoids, which are activated by the heat of the coffee. Which on its sip, passes through the whole digestive tract of the body where it left its long-lasting effects. Taking kief is just like eating infused seeds.

Methods or ways to collect kief

A three-piece grinder is one of the most easily considered methods for the collection of kief. But to collect large size content of kief, another method is used which is termed as a pollen sifter box. The synthesis of these boxes is with trays and screens.

The tray is placed at the bottom position of this box where the collection of kief takes place. By distributing the trichomes and separating them from their buds, sifters of these boxes speed up the extraction process of kief.

When collecting a large amount of kief, it is necessary to keep the kief in a dark and cool area. Also, to get the best results, stir the kief after some days to prevent them from sticking together.

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In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “Can you eat kief?” with an in-depth analysis of kief and the effects of eating kief on our bodies.


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