Can you eat kale flowers?

In this brief guide we are going to address the query, “can you eat kale flowers?”. We will also discuss what kale flowers are, how to eat them, their health benefits, and their side effects.

Can you eat kale flowers?

Yes, kale flowers just like broccoli are edible. Once the buds start to appear you can pick them and eat them raw or cooked. They taste better if your garden was hit by a frost.

In fact, you might have come across these parts or even have a bite without you knowing. Kale flowers are very common, for instance, broccoli and cauliflower are the flowers of those brassica plants.

What are Kale flowers?

When kales mature they produce flower buds which later sprout into a flower. This happens when the cold season is over. Kale flowers are yellow and have a unique distinct taste and a sweet smell when young but the smell gets worse after a while.

How does one harvest and eat kale flowers?

Kale flowers sprout at different seasons depending on the type of kale so it’s essential to know your kale time. It is also important to know when the buds appear because they are the ones you eat, although the fully sprouted flower is still edible.

Once the buds appear, which are at the center of your kale, just hold it at the thick part of the bud stem and snap downwards.  Repeat this and collect as many buds as you want.

After harvesting, saute the buds in some olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste, and enjoy. The thicker, lower parts of the stems may be a bit tougher than the rest; you might chop them into one-inch lengths and blanch first, to cook them slightly and soften them up before adding them to the blossoms and thinner stems in the saute pan.

You can also eat them raw in salads since they are soft and sweet and with a distinct flavor.

What are the health benefits of eating kale flowers?

  • Improves hair and skin health – They contain Vitamin C which aids in skincare and collagen formation
  • Supports urinary health – They contain calcium which helps prevent kidney stones.
  • Aids in weight loss – They have low calories and high fiber which aid in weight loss.
  • Promotes healthy pregnancy – They have Vitamin K which helps blood vessels remain strong during pregnancy
  • Boosts immune health – They have folate and Vitamin C which acts as an immune booster
  • Eliminates fatigue – They have isothiocyanates that activate Nrf2 proteins which increase the number of mitochondria in our bodies.
  • Promotes vision health – They have lutein and zeaxanthin which aid in vision 
  • Enhances brain health – They have omega-3s which aid in brain enhancement
  • Aids in detoxification – Have fibers that aid in detoxification
  • Improves digestion – They have fibers and water that aid in proper digestion.
  • Improves bone health – They are rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium which aid in bone strengthening and formation.
  • Fights inflammation – They have antioxidants that help fight inflammation and also aid in the prevention of cancer development.

All the above is because the kale flower has a massive amount of nutrients, minerals, active phytochemicals, and also some fibers.

What are the side effects of eating kale flower buds?

As of now, no adverse side effects have been reported due to the consumption of kale flowers but it is recommended to wash well and rinse before consumption or cooking to prevent the onset of eating parasitic eggs and hence becoming infected.

The bottom line

The flowering of kale should not be seen as the end of the kale life cycle but another chance to eat from your kale plant. Kale flowers have a high nutritional value and should be incorporated into our diets once in a while.

As for me, I am going to get a bouquet of my kale flower and am going to enjoy every piece of it. What are you going to do with your kale flower?


In this brief guide we have addressed the query, “can you eat kale flowers?”. We have also discussed what kale flowers are, how to eat them, their health benefits, and their side effects.


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