Can you eat honey on the whole 30?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Can you eat honey on the whole 30?” with an in-depth analysis of the foods we can consume and the ones that are prohibited during the whole 30 diet plan.

Can you eat honey on the whole 30?

No, we can eat honey on the whole 30. The purpose of a whole 30 diet plan is to get back to eating whole foods. So, when you are on the whole 30 diets all the sweeteners, whether artificially or naturally produced, are not allowed to consume. 

What is the whole 30 diet?

Whole 30 is actually a diet plan which includes 30 days of inhibiting consumption of problematic food items. It can be regarded as a nutritional program that provides a popular option for people who want to nutritionally reset their systems, and become more mindful of their body’s relation to food. 

The whole 30 diets are based on eating whole foods. And if you are experiencing chronic health problems, it can help you learn how your body responds to certain food items.

Once you identify problem foods and exclude them from your diet, the health benefits you will experience will motivate you to remove them from your diet forever.

Food items that are not approved in whole 30

Some of the foods which should be avoided to eat in the whole 30 diet plan are as follows,


In the whole 30, it is compulsory to say goodbye to dairy products which include cheese, yoghurt, butter, milk, kefir, and anything else which consists of cream and that might be a dreamy diet.+


Any food products which do consist of gluten should be avoided. Other food products such as oats, rice, corn, and pseudo-grains like buckwheat and quinoa. The whole 30 diet plan also prohibited popcorn and pasta for 30 days.


Beans cannot be consumed in the whole 30 diet plan. Beans could also include some kind of sauces such as soy milk, soy sauce, and tofu. Lentils and chickpeas are also prohibited to consume in the whole 30 diet plan. Peanut butter along with solo peanuts is also a part of legumes that should be avoided. 


Sugar either artificially produced or exists naturally should be avoided. These sugar items include honey, syrup of maple, and all other unrefined sweeteners. Dessert, if it also has compliant ingredients for production, then these dessert dishes are also prohibited on whole 30.

What can be consumed occasionally on whole 30


Vinegar has different categories, some of these categories are capable of consuming 30 whole. These fit finely on a whole 30 diet plan. These major forms of vinegar include cider, rice, red wine, and balsamic. Only one of the vinegar which is named Malt vinegar does not fit perfectly on the whole 30 diet plan due to gluten consistency.


Ghee or non-clarified butter is a non-dairy product. It is a product which is considered for sticklers. Some people recommend its consumption on a whole 30 diet plan while some do not.

Peas and pods

Some of the types of legumes are considered right for the whole 30 diet plan due to their greenish nature. These green natured beans such as green beans, snow peas, and sugar snap peas.


Iodized salt has a little bit of sugar content. This sugar part is mandatory in the composition of salt chemically. So, it is an exceptional product to intake while on the whole 30.

Honey on whole 30

It is not recommended to eat honey while following a Whole 30 diet plan. 

Honey is a thick liquid that consists of much nutritional content but does not have fibre, protein, or fat content. Honey is enriched with antioxidants that fight against radicals that can harm the body in different ways. 

Honey is considered good for diabetics’ patients, and its radicals also fight against cardiac diseases, some types of cancer, and strokes. It is also an indirect source for lowering blood cholesterol.

Precautions to take before trying the whole 30

The whole 30 diet plan is not limited to a particular group of people. 

It is important to consult a doctor, particularly if you are following a prescription medicine, suffering from a medical condition, or if you have a history of an eating disorder. That is because some individuals require specific diet plans, and Whole 30 does not fit all.

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In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “Can you eat honey on the whole 30?” with an in-depth analysis of the foods we can consume and the ones prohibited during the whole 30 diet plan.