Can you eat guava seeds?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “Can you eat guava seeds?” with an in-depth analysis of the guava seeds, the nutritional composition of guava seeds, the health benefits and risks of eating guava seeds as well as we will describe the ways to consume guava seeds.

Can you eat guava seeds? 

Yes, you can eat guava seeds. They are perfectly edible. Nothing about their properties is in any way harmful for humans, and locals in areas where guavas are grown tend to eat them whole. 

What is guava?

Guava, scientifically known as Psidium guajava, belongs to the family of Myrtaceae. It is a tropical fruit that is rich in beneficial nutrients. 

Guavas grow well in both humid and dry weather and can tolerate short periods of cold seasons, but can only resist some levels of frost. Its adjustability to various environments causes it to be a popular fruit in many tropical areas.

The health benefits of guava seeds

Lowers blood pressure

The guava seeds are abundant in potassium and antioxidants that help to lower high blood pressure. Guava seeds contain 60 per cent more potassium than bananas. 

Due to its antioxidant properties and bioactive compounds, the guava seed helps to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases by controlling the glycemic index, triglyceride concentration and body mass.

May promote weight loss

Guava seeds are rich in fibre and have little to no cholesterol. The most beneficial part is that it lowers the number of carbohydrates in the body, which hinders excessive weight gain. The right combination of vitamins and minerals keeps the stomach full for a longer time, thus helping in weight loss.

Relieves constipation

Guava seeds are rich in dietary fibre. This fibrous quality of guava seeds confers a laxative effect on the digestive system that assures a smooth movement of the bowels and relieves constipation.

Guava seeds also help in managing acid reflux, if you swallow them straight after chewing the pulp.

May help fight type-2 diabetes 

Guava seeds are loaded with dietary proteins. They perform a major role in the breakdown of sugar and sugar compounds, making it easy to assimilate sugary foods. 

The protein-rich seeds also prevent the abrupt reduction of insulin levels in the body. Guava seeds are also a great food choice for people who are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

Helps control cholesterol

Guava seeds are composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are known to maintain cholesterol levels. 

Additionally, as the seeds have a rich amount of fibre, it helps to inhibit bile absorption in the intestines. The liver generates bile salts to overcome the lack of bile. The cholesterol in the bloodstream is reduced as the body produces the bile salts by raising the production of low-density lipoprotein receptors.

Reduces prostate cancer risk

Guava seeds are known to reduce the growth of cancer cells. It has large amounts of lycopene which serves to fight against prostate cancer. It also benefits to prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.

Guava seed extracts render anti-cancer properties on haematological and solid neoplasms. The cancer is restrained and prevented by the antioxidants which help to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals. 

Improves eyesight 

Guava seeds are a great source of vitamin A, which is particularly important for eye vision. Vitamin A can control the symptoms of cataracts, muscular degradation, and the overall health of the eyes. It is not just capable of preventing the decline of eyesight, but also an improvement in eyesight once it has started to decline.

The risks of eating guava seeds

As it is said, excess of anything is bad, same is the case with guava seeds. The excessive consumption of guava seeds can pose certain health risks. 

To be a lot more particular, there is a possibility that the seeds of guava could get stuck inside the appendix, a condition known as diverticulitis, which is characterized by an inflammation of the diverticulum within the intestines. 

It is, thereby, better not to eat more amounts of guava seeds at a time.

How to consume guava seeds?

To consume guava seeds:

  • Mix the seeds in a blender simultaneously with other fruits of your choice and enjoy them as a smoothie. 
  • Add in salads to enhance the taste and health benefits of the salad bowl. 
  • You can also incorporate guava seeds into yoghurt and enjoy them in between meals. 
  • Make an easy spread for the sandwiches. 


In this short article, we have answered the question, “Can you eat guava seeds?” with an in-depth analysis of the guava seeds, the nutritional composition of guava seeds, the health benefits and risks of eating guava seeds as well as we will describe the ways to consume guava seeds.


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