Can you eat greek yogurt when pregnant?

In this article we are going to answer the question: can you eat greek yogurt when pregnant, what is greek yogurt, what are the benefits and risks of eating greek yogurt, how to add greek yogurt to your diet, and a healthy guide on how to eat when pregnant.  

Can you eat greek yogurt when pregnant?

Yes! You can eat Greek yogurt. It is considered a superfood because it has a lot of nutrients in it. It has twice the protein of a normal yogurt and it is the perfect source of calcium. All yogurt is made from pasteurized milk, meaning they are completely safe. 

What is Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt is a fermented or cultured dairy product along with sour cream, regular yogurt, buttermilk, and kefir. 

It is made with streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus. 

What is the difference between greek yogurt and regular yogurt?

Regular YogurtGreek Yogurt
Is made by heating milk, adding bacteria, and leaving it to ferment until it reaches about pH 4.5. It takes more milk than regular milk.Made by eliminating the whey and other liquids from regular yogurt
Smooth consistency Strained in cloth bad up to three times until it reaches ideal texture
Thickness may varyMuch ticker and tangier 

What are the benefits of greek yogurt when pregnant?

A Greek yogurt is an excellent option for pregnant women. It is packed with a lot of nutrients and has the perfect flavor to mix with any fruit. 

  • Rich in vitamins
  • Rich in calcium 
  • Packed with proteins
  • Packed in probiotics
  • Excellent source of iodine
  • Promotes healthy weight gain 

Rich in vitamins

Greek yogurt is packed with many nutrients. It is an excellent source of protein and essential vitamins for a good pregnancy. It comes with vitamin B6 and B12, riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium. 

Rich in calcium 

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients we all need, especially for our bones. Dairy food is our first option to always include enough calcium in our diet. Just with one cup of greek yogurt, you meet your daily calcium requirement. 

Packed with proteins

Excellent source of protein. It contains double the protein as regular yogurt. Protein helps support baby development, it is essential for baby growth and blood expansion. 

Packed with probiotics

It helps boost the immune system and keep our digestive system healthy. We all need probiotics, but when pregnant they are very important because you can pass those healthy bacteria to babies to help them develop a healthy gut.

 Also, it helps to keep your gut and bowel infections away. It also helps with vaginal health for a healthy delivery. Bacteria in the vaginal canal help the baby.

Excellent source of iodine

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of iodine, a mineral that is crucial for pregnancy. It promotes the healthy development of the baby. It also helps in thyroid health. 

Promotes healthy weight gain 

It is an excellent breakfast or snack. Because it is excellent food, it helps you to keep your hunger away while you pack some protein.

What is the risk of eating greek yogurt when pregnant?

There are not many risks of eating greek yogurt. They all come from pasteurized milk. You should always read the labels because greek yogurt with fruit has too much sugar that can be bad for you. 

Check also the list of ingredients, less is best. It should only have full-fat milk or skim milk + probiotics.

What should I eat when pregnant?

When pregnant, a balanced diet that includes all the groups is a must. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. There are a few nutrients that need special attention during pregnancy like folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, and omega 3 fatty acids. 

  • Ideally, 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables every day
  • Increase your intake of whole grains and cereal foods. Choose high fiber options
  • Milk, hard cheese, and yogurt are great options because they are high calcium foods.
  • Choose low-fat options and good fats: fats from vegetable sources like almonds, olive oil, and avocado. 
  • Choose lean proteins and choose low mercury fish options. 
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Always stay active

Weight gain should be closely monitored because the mother and baby’s health depends on it.

How can I add greek yogurt when pregnant?

  • Greek yogurt popsicles
  • Greek yogurt + your favorite fruit
  • Make your dips with Greek yogurt
  • Add it to your smoothie as an excellent source of protein
  • Overnight oats + greek yogurt

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In this article we answered the question: can you eat greek yogurt when pregnant, what is greek yogurt, what are the benefits and risks of eating greek yogurt, how to add greek yogurt to your diet, and a healthy guide on how to eat when pregnant.