Can you eat garlic fresh from the ground?. 

In this guide we will address the query “ can you eat garlic fresh from the ground?”. We will also discuss, Is it necessary to cure garlic before eating it? How long do you dry garlic? , advantages of eating garlic and other queries related to the topic. 

Can you eat garlic fresh from the ground?  

Yes, you can eat garlic freshly pulled from the ground. You can eat it raw or cooked, remember to peel it, before consuming it. Garlic can be used immediately even if it is freshly harvested. If you want to store it for several months then curing the garlic is necessary. 

Curing means drying the garlic in the sun. 

Is it necessary to cure garlic before eating it?  

No, it is not necessary to cure garlic before eating it. You can consume freshly harvested garlic raw or add it to your meals, adding garlic to the meals while cooking will make the dish flavourful and aromatic. 

Fresh garlic leaves and stems can also be used while cooking. Curing garlic is important if you want to prepare them for long-term storage. Curing garlic removes the excess moisture present which helps in avoiding mold growth. 

What to do after garlic is picked?  

Remove all the dirt from the bulbs after picking the garlic. Check the garlic bulbs for any damage. Toss out the bulbs with considerable damage, bulbs having slight damage can be used right away. 

For long-term storage, cure the garlic by laying them on the ground or wire rack to remove the excess moisture or hang them by their stems from the ceiling. 

How long do you dry garlic?  

Dry the garlic for 3 weeks to cure them completely. Curing the garlic properly will make them last for 9 months. For the curing process choose a dry, good-ventilated place. Avoid places with lots of sunlight and high temperatures. 

For drying the garlic, spread them on a wire rack on the ground or hang them by the stems from the ceiling to remove excess moisture, and to avoid any mold growth. While curing the garlic make sure to check the garlic every 3 to 4 days for any signs of mold growth or damage. 

Remember to place the garlic bulbs for curing in such a way that they have plenty of space for air circulation. Fully and properly cured garlic bulbs will stay good for up to 9 months. The curing process is complete when the paper skin of garlic feels dry and the neck is shrunk in size. 

Is it possible to freeze garlic?  

Yes, you can freeze garlic. Garlic can be frozen in different forms like raw unpeeled bulbs, peeled or unpeeled cloves, and diced garlic without any worries. The flavor of garlic remains strong even after freezing it. The texture of garlic changes a bit after freezing as compared to fresh garlic. 

How to keep the garlic bulbs fresh?  

  • Store the garlic in a cold and dry place. 
  •  Place it away from direct sunlight and place it at a high temperature. 
  •  Store the garlic bulbs in a well-ventilated place having good air circulation. 
  • Lastly, you can store them in a refrigerator and use them as needed or freeze them in a freezer. 

The above mentioned tips can keep the garlic bulbs fresh and aromatic for a long time.  

Is it necessary to dry garlic after picking? 

No, it is not necessary to dry the garlic after picking unless you want to store it for several months. Fresh, uncured garlic bulbs can stay fine in the pantry for some weeks. Cloves that are broken off from the fresh bulbs can last for about 10 days.  

Is it safe to eat sprouting garlic?  

Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat sprouting garlic. The flavor of sprouting garlic is not strong in comparison to fully grown garlic. Some people prefer to remove the green sprout, while others consume the garlic and the green sprout.  

What are the advantages of eating garlic?  

Garlic contains a lot of beneficial nutrients and few calories, it is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and manganese. Consuming garlic protects against the common cold and other illnesses.

Few studies have shown that garlic helps in reducing blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure [hypertension]. Garlic also helps in the reduction of LDL [bad cholesterol] in people suffering from high cholesterol issues.  

Apart from these health benefits mentioned, garlic is easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Remember to use it in an adequate amount to make your dishes aromatic and delicious. 


In this guide we have addressed the query “can you eat garlic fresh from the ground?”. We have also discussed Is it necessary to cure garlic before eating it? , What to do after garlic is picked?, How long do you dry garlic? and other queries related to the topic. 

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