Can you eat fufu by itself?

In this guide, we will address the query “ can you eat fufu by itself?”. We will also discuss the nutritional value of fufu, how to make and eat fufu and other queries related to the topic. 

Can you eat fufu by itself?

No, Fufu is not eaten by itself. Fufu is served with flavourful soups or stews like egusi soup, okra soup, ewedu soup, light soup, groundnut soup, palm nut soup, green vegetable soup, and with many other soups or stews. 

What is fufu? 

Fufu [ also known as Foo-foo] is a famous African dish and is found in many countries in Central and West Africa and some Caribbean countries. Fufu has a doughy, mashed-potato-like consistency and is eaten along with soups or stews. 

Fufu is made using starchy vegetables native to a particular region. It is commonly made from cassava, yams, maize, wheat, corn, plantain, rice, or oatmeal. It is also made using semolina, amala, etc. 

What is the nutritional value of fufu? 

The ingredients used in the preparation of Fufu are high in starch and hence contain a high amount of carbohydrates. The dish is beneficial for young children as it provides them with a lot of energy. 

Most of the soups or stews served with Fufu are high in fats and hence the overall dish becomes high in fats and carbohydrates. If this dish is consumed a lot of times in a week then it can lead to weight gain. 

Weight gain over the years can lead to obesity and other health problems. 

How to make fufu? 

Fufu is made using different methods and depends on whether you are using starchy vegetables or flour. Fufu is made using yams, cassava, maize, oatmeal, rice, plantain, corn, wheat, etc. 

Follow the steps given below to prepare Fufu: 

  • Peel the cassava/yam/plantain using a knife or a peeler. 
  • Cut the peeled vegetables into small cubes and add them to a large pot containing water. 
  • Boil them for at least 20 minutes until the vegetables soften. 
  •  Remove the vegetables aside and let them cool down completely. 
  • Transfer them to a mortar and pound them using a heavy pestle, until it forms a stretchy, spongy dough. If using a food processor, add the vegetable cubes to the processor and knead till it forms a smooth-dough-like texture. 
  •  After a smooth dough is formed, transfer it into a pot and stir properly until it is thick, slightly elastic, and semi-solid. 
  • As the dough is ready now, shape it into small balls and wrap them in plastic wraps. 

If you are using Fufu flour then transfer it into a pot containing a few cups of hot water. Stir it properly using a wooden spoon until its texture becomes dough-like. Remove the dough from the pot into a ball and shape it into small balls, once the dough is cooled down. 

For a more detailed recipe, you can click here.

How to serve fufu? 

Fufu is usually served in the form of small balls which are wrapped in plastic wrap to avoid them from going dry. Plastic wrap helps to preserve the moisture within fufu balls. It is served along with soup or stews. The soups or stews depend upon personal preference. 

Fufu is served with soups or stews like okra soup, vegetable soup, egusi soup, ewedu [ Jute leaves] soup, etc. 

What to serve with fufu?

Following soups or stews can be served with Fufu : 

  •  Stewed spinach. 
  •  Ogbono soup. 
  •  Groundnut soup. 
  •  Palm-nut soup.  
  • Green vegetable soup, etc. 

What does fufu taste like? 

The taste of Fufu depends upon the ingredients used to prepare it. It has a mild, bland taste similar to potatoes or sweet potatoes. The overall taste of the dish also varies according to the soups or stews served with Fufu. 

How to eat fufu? 

Fufu is served with soup or stew on the same plate or a different one. The soup served is usually thick and contains vegetables, chicken, goat, etc. 

Break a small piece of Fufu and roll it in the shape of a ball using the palms of your hands, make a small dent in it and add some soup to it. Then swallow it directly. 

Are you supposed to chew fufu? 

No, you are not supposed to chew Fufu. Fufu is mainly referred to as “swallow food” and it can take some getting used to it, especially if it is your first time and you have never tasted Fufu before. 

What are swallow foods?  

Swallow foods are pliable but firm in texture. The texture is somewhat similar to mashed potatoes. Examples of swallow foods include fufu, amala, starch, pounded yam, etc. The supple texture of these foods makes them easy to eat and swallow directly, without the need for chewing.  

How to store fufu? 

Fufu can stay fresh in the fridge for up to 2 to 3 days. Follow the steps given below to store Fufu properly: 

  •  Cool down Fufu completely to room temperature.
  •  Cut the Fufu into large balls. 
  •  Wrap the Fufu balls in a plastic wrap/cling wrap properly. 
  •  Store Fufu balls in the fridge. 

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In this guide, we have addressed the query “ can you eat fufu by itself?”. We have also discussed What is Fufu? How to make Fufu? What does Fufu taste like, How do you eat it?, and How to store it? etc. 

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