Can you eat fruit roll-ups with braces

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “can you eat fruit roll-ups with braces?” We will also discuss when it is necessary to use braces, and how you can change your diet to avoid any complications in your treatment.

Can you eat fruit roll-ups with braces?

No, you cannot eat fruit roll-ups with braces. Fruit roll-ups as they contain high levels of sugar, and they also have a chewy consistency that can cause some severe damage to your orthodontic treatment. 

If you get some of this candy stuck in between your teeth, you may have a hard time trying to take it off, and even hurt yourself.

Try to attend to the general recommendations for braces wearers, remember there is a reason to avoid certain foods to prevent your braces from falling off.

What are fruit roll-ups?

Fruit roll-ups are a kind of fruit snack that was first invented in 1983. You can roll this snack and lick it, remember this kind of candy is sticky and you can get it stuck in your teeth and hands, and pretty much everywhere!

These snacks can be found all around the globe. They become very popular because they are based on real fruit. However, it also exhibits a large content of sugar, which can be prejudicial for your braces.

What type of candies can you eat with braces?

Whenever you get your braces all you think about is all the food you are going to miss because is either too hard, sticky, or chewy. However, as time passes, you can find some options that can be good for people with braces.

Yes, you can eat some candy with braces, as crazy as it seems. Nevertheless, remember you need to control your sugar intake to prevent cavities in your teeth, which can damage your orthodontic treatment. Some of these candies appropriate for braces wearers are:

  • Chocolate. Chocolate will melt in your mouth, which makes it perfect for people with braces. However, you need to avoid hard chocolate or large pieces of this candy. Also, stay away from frozen chocolate.
  • Cookies. There are so many different types of cookies, and most of them are fine for you to eat, especially the soft ones. If your cookies are hard, then it is not advisable for you to eat them.
  • Apples. Apples are an amazing choice but only when they are cut up into small slices. Of course with braces you will not be able to bite a whole apple, your braces may fall off!
  • Popsicles. As you will only lick popsicles, they do not represent any harm to your braces.

Can you eat junk food with braces?

Yes, most fast food is safe to eat when you have braces. But you also need to develop the proper technique when you eat any type of this food. However, if you feel something you are eating is not that soft, it is better to avoid its consumption as it can lead to some damage to your braces.

Whether it is pizza, brownies, chicken nuggets, some soft chocolates, bacon, soft cakes, or soft tacos, you can still enjoy your favorite fast food without getting any hurt from your orthodontic treatment.

What are braces and what are they used for?

Braces are very popular to treat misaligned teeth and certain conditions that cause movement between your teeth and the adjoining area. In general, braces are an orthodontist treatment used to change problems associated with your teeth.

You can find small metal or ceramic braces, they hold the metallic wires in position on the teeth. They need to be glued to the teeth, and for that, they use glue or bonding cement. Also, according to your needs, you may need some extra adjuncts, like rubber bands.

If you would like further guidance on this subject, please click here to know more.

How is life with braces?

Braces can change your diet, but they also can change your life for good. Many people with teeth or jaw issues are recommended to use braces, as they can improve their dental health. Also, self-esteem is a variable that is most affected when you have any problem with your teeth.

However, you need to go to an orthodontist to get the most appropriate treatment for you, they are in charge of diagnosing and treating any teeth and jaw problems. And do not mind about the age, braces are a treatment appropriate for people of all ages.

All you need to do to have the most benefit out of your treatment is to brush your teeth at least once a day, take care of what you eat, and go to your monthly checkups, tell us if you have had braces and what is life with braces for you?

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “can you eat fruit roll-ups with braces?” We have also discussed other queries related to the subject at hand. 

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