Can you eat fries with braces

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “can you eat fries with braces?” We will also discuss when it is necessary to use braces, and how you can keep your braces in the best way possible to avoid any complications in your treatment.

Can you eat fries with braces?

Yes, you can eat fries with braces. French fries are a food you can still enjoy when you have braces thanks to their soft texture, so you do not have any risk of getting your braces unglued. However, you need to avoid crispy fries.

Now, if the fries you were thinking about are not the french ones but chips, you can still eat some of those as well, but they need to be baked, like Cheeto Puffs. 

How can you tell when you need braces?

It is easy to tell if you do need braces, you will notice some symptoms, such as:

  • Unaligned teeth
  • Difficulty when flossing teeth
  • Frequently biting or cutting your tongue on your teeth 

You need to visit your dentist to be completely sure that braces are the treatment you need. The ones in charge of putting on braces are orthodontists, so you need to find one to get the best results for your treatment.

What are braces?

Braces are an orthodontist treatment used to straighten your teeth if they are not aligned normally or to treat any condition that causes movement among your teeth and surrounding areas.

Braces are small metal or ceramic materials that hold the wires in position on the teeth. They are glued to the teeth with glue or bonding cement. They may need some extra adjuncts to get the most appropriate pressure for your teeth.

Not only do braces work for an aesthetic purpose but the health benefits are interesting, they can fix some common problems

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Problems when chewing 
  • Self-esteem issues related to the look of teeth

Also, taking care of your teeth has great consequences for your overall health, sometimes some serious problems have their origins in the mouth, so you need to take care of your teeth.

What do braces do to your teeth and mouth

Braces are an orthodontic treatment that works by applying pressure to your teeth and their surroundings. This applied pressure will then change the position of your teeth and their surroundings causing a correct distribution, with all teeth aligned.

Braces are very popular in countries all around the world, they are a common treatment to develop healthy smiles and teeth. Braces are not limited to age, as children, teens, and also adults can wear them when it is necessary.

Some adults do not want to wear braces as they think braces are only needed during childhood, but that is not true. Braces can be used by children, and adults, and also, some older adults may need them too.

 What happens after having braces put on?

During your first week with braces, you may feel a lot of discomfort and pain, but that is normal because your teeth will be moving, also every month your orthodontist fixes your ligatures, and you may experience some discomfort as well.

If you try to eat any hard food with your new braces, you will put a large amount of pressure on the wires, brackets, and also teeth. So, you should keep a bland diet that does not put your teeth under a lot of stress.

Your first week of braces may be uncomfortable for you, but believe me, after some weeks you will not ever remember that you could not eat! Besides, the food that is the hardest to eat is usually junk food, so braces can also be helpful for your diet.

What can you eat when you have braces?

The general rule for any food you want to consume with braces is that it needs to be easily dissolved in the mouth to avoid a lot of chewing. Also, you should avoid any hard meals. Some foods you can safely eat with braces are:

  • Protein shakes
  • Pancakes
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Fish
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Pasta
  • Fruits
  • Watermelon
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Blueberries

Some of your best friends when having braces are ice cream and jello, besides they taste delicious and do not make you break a bracket!

Once again, visiting your orthodontist will give you a wider panorama of the foods you can safely consume, and if you lose a bracket, you also need to notify your doctor, to get it put in as soon as possible.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “can you eat fries with braces?” We have also discussed other queries related to the subject at hand. 

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