Can you eat expired activia yogurt?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “Can you eat expired activia yogurt?” and tell you how to spot spoiled activia yogurt. We will also discuss whether activia yogurt is healthy and how much of it you should consume per day.

Can you eat expired activia yogurt?

Yes, you can eat expired activia yogurt only if it is one or two weeks past its expiry and was stored properly in the refrigerator unopened. It may contain fewer bacteria or may not be effective anymore, but if there are no signs of spoilage, then it will be safe for consumption.

The ‘best before’, ‘sell by’, ‘use by’ dates are just provided by the manufacturer to give you an idea about the amount of time that a certain product will remain in its optimum condition. 

After this time, the food may lose its texture or alter the taste but it necessarily does not get spoiled. 

The food generally lasts longer if you store it properly and in the fridge. Lower temperatures arrest the growth of pathogens making the food safe to consume for longer periods of time.

Processed foods have preservatives added to them so they have a longer shelf life. They are even safe to consume weeks after their use by dates.

Be careful with perishable items. For example eggs and dairy products like milk tend to go bad quickly and can cause food poisoning so it is better to throw these things out after their expiry date.

Although a lot of food products are safe to consume after their expiry date, it is better to know around what time a certain product will start to go bad so expiry dates should not be ignored.

How to tell if the activia yogurt has gone bad?

You can tell if activia yogurt has gone bad by inspecting its texture. If there is a lot of fluid floating on top of yogurt then it is a sign that the yogurt has spoiled. Curdled and grainy texture also signifies spoilage.

Give it a sniff test as well. Spoiled yogurt will give off a bad smell. Spoiled yogurt may also taste sour or acidic.

Look for the growth of mold as mold can grow on yogurt spoiling it. 

Is activia yogurt healthy?

Activia yogurt contains probiotics. Probiotics are live, friendly bacteria that help in keeping you and your digestive system healthy. They also help in fighting off the bad bacteria. 

Yogurt is healthy for your digestive tract and pairing it with probiotics makes it even healthier. Activia yogurt can help in relieving gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, flatulence, and bloating.

They can also prove helpful in treating conditions like diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

Yogurt is also recommended for use during a food poisoning episode. It helps build up good bacteria in the gut so it can fight off the ‘bad’ bacteria.

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Which is better, probiotic pills or probiotic yogurt?

While you can get probiotics in the form of pills, it is better to consume them combined with food such as activia yogurt. This is because yogurt lowers the acidity of the stomach and makes it easier for probiotics to survive and reach the intestine. While the probiotics from the pills may get killed in the stomach and only some will be able to reach the intestine.

In addition, you will get the added nutrition from yogurt such as protein and minerals.

How much activia yogurt should I consume per day?

You should eat two containers of activia yogurt everyday to benefit from it and lead a healthy lifestyle. You will start to see the benefits in about two weeks.

You should make this a part of your diet and should not stop eating it even after two weeks because like other bacteria, probiotics are also removed from the intestine with stool.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “Can you eat expired activia yogurt?” and told you how to spot spoiled activia yogurt. We also discussed whether activia yogurt is healthy and how much of it you should consume per day.