Can you eat eos chapstick?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “can you eat EOS chapstick?”. We will also talk about the usefulness and things to keep in mind while using EOS chapstick.

Can you eat EOS chapstick?

It is not recommended to eat any beauty products but ingesting EOS chapstick will not do much harm. Yes, it is okay to ingest EOS chapstick which cannot be avoided when eating or drinking with the chapstick on.

EOS or fully named Evolution OF Smooth is a beauty product manufacturer based in New York, USA. The manufacturer claims their products are rigorously tested and are perfectly safe for use for skin care. 

Chapsticks are basically made up of oils, waxes, perfumes, colouring agents, pigments, lanolin, camphor, antioxidants, preservatives, emulsifying agents, aloe vera, and other ingredients. The ingredients and chemical composition will certainly vary with different manufacturers. 

Chapsticks or lip balms, lipsticks are very much essential products to own and carry during the cold weather. 

The chapstick moisturises the lips and keeps them from drying and cracking which is not the best to keep your lips healthy during the adverse cold.

Is EOS chapstick bad for your lips?

EOS chapstick is a fantastic product to have during the winter months to avoid having dry and cracked lips. EOS chapsticks are very much needed to keep the lips moisturised and healthy during cold days.

One should be careful though while using EOS chapstick if they observe or sense any itching or burning sensation around their lips. 

If you are feeling any tingling sensation around your lips, you may be allergic to any of the ingredients used in the chapstick.

Other than that, EOS chapstick, in general, is not harmful to use. In saying that, excessive use is not encouraged because too much application of lip balms may cause bacteria to grow in the lips area.

Can you eat/drink with EOS chapstick on?

It is not really recommended to eat or drink with EOS chapstick on but almost everyone during the cold months eats or drinks with the lip balms on. 

Though the manufacturers do not mention in their products the harmfulness or toxicity if ingested, it is in the best interest to wipe off the chapstick before eating or drinking.

The chapsticks are made up of different chemicals and other organic products with preservatives, colouring agents, and emulsifying agents which are not the best things to put in your tummy.

In order to be totally healthy, it is a good habit to wipe off the EOS chapstick from the lips before consumption of food or drinks.

Is EOS chapstick vegan?

No, EOS chapstick is not vegan since the ingredients they use while manufacturing the chapsticks are not completely vegan. The manufacturer doesn’t claim on their official website to be vegan.

They do have other varieties of beauty products that are vegan.

What to do if your child eats EOS chapstick?

It is highly likely that the kids would be tempted to eat the EOS chapstick because of the colour and smell and flavours. EOS chapstick is available in various flavours and smells. 

The chemicals and other ingredients present in the EOS chapstick are not edible and can cause health issues for a child.

If your child has eaten an EOS chapstick, look out for the symptoms that include, vomiting, passing loose stool, or even diarrhoea. 

If there are no symptoms, drinking a few sips of water helps. If there are symptoms then it is highly recommended to contact the doctor or the local poisons centre.

Is EOS chapstick toxic?

EOS chapstick is not toxic or harmful as such but the ingredients and chemicals used to manufacture it can be toxic and can cause allergic reactions in some people. 

In general, the manufacturers do mention on a label their products if their products cause any threat or are toxic. 

Through the digestive system flushes out any unwanted or harmful things through excreta, sometimes the chapstick ingested during consumption of drinks and food can cause minor gastro-related issues like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea.

Do EOS chapstick mould?

EOS chapsticks are tested during the testing and production process to make sure they do not mould. The brown pigments seen on some EOS chapstick are because of the natural sweetener called stevia crystals which turn brown due to heat during production. 

The EOS chapstick is anhydrous i.e. they contain a minimal amount of moisture in them. Since moisture is the key condition for the mould to grow, EOS chapsticks do not mould.


In this brief, we answered the query, “can you eat EOS chapstick?”. We also talked about the usefulness and things to keep in mind while using EOS chapstick.

I hope you find this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.