Can you eat creme fraiche without cooking?

In this article, we will answer the question.” Can you eat creme fraiche without cooking?”, along with more information about creme fraiche, a recipe to make homemade creme fraiche, and ways to incorporate it into dishes. 

Can you eat creme fraiche without cooking?

Yes, you can eat creme fraiche without cooking. However, it is preferred to be added to dishes such as appetizers or main course dishes such as roast potatoes, salmon, or soup,  to add more flavor. It acts as the perfect thickener in dishes which does not curdle, due to its high-fat content. 

How to store cooked creme fraiche?

You can store cooked creme fraiche safely in the refrigerator. Since it is already acidic, it lasts longer and stays fresh longer as compared to traditional fresh cream. 

However, it should not be kept at room temperature for long periods, and the best-before date should always be checked before consuming it.

What’s the difference between creme fraiche and sour cream?

Creme fraiche is very similar to sour cream in terms of taste and texture, although there are a few minor differences. Sour cream first originated in eastern Europe, and it is very sour and savory as compared to creme fraiche. 

Sour cream also has a lower percentage of fat and a higher percentage of protein than creme fraiche. Hence, it easily curdles when heat is added. 

How to make creme fraiche?

You can make creme fraiche using a few simple ingredients such as one tablespoon of buttermilk and one cup of pasteurized heavy whipping cream. 

Combine the two ingredients and mix thoroughly, before allowing it to stand at room temperature for a few hours, till a thick consistency is achieved. Refrigerate before adding to any dishes to preserve the flavor. 

Is creme fraiche healthy to eat?

No, creme fraiche is not considered healthy to eat, due to its high fat and cholesterol content, as it could affect cardiovascular health in the long term. Hence, it should be eaten in moderation. 

However, some brands of creme fraiche contain probiotics which are important to gut health. These brands are healthier than those without probiotics, as it protects the gut microbiome. 

What can you do with creme fraiche?

You can make several delicious dishes with creme fraiche, as it is an everyday kitchen staple, for both sweet and savory dishes. Detailed recipes of the dishes can be found here

Use it as a topping for pies

Pies taste more decadent when a lightly sweetened creme fraiche is added to them. Combine a bit of sugar, vanilla, or whiskey to add sweetness to the creme fraiche, before adding it on top of the pie. Pies such as pumpkin spice pie, or strawberry pie taste exceptional when creme fraiche is added to them. 

Make dips

Make delicious dips using creme fraiche, to enjoy your favorite appetizers. The creme fraiche adds richness and flavor to the dips, especially when it’s combined with herbs such as dill, rosemary, or thyme. 

It only takes a few minutes to make, and you can even serve the dip in sandwiches or with cheese crackers, for an extra crunch. 

Serve it with eggs

Creme fraiche and eggs are a match made in heaven, as both their flavors complement each other perfectly. You can bake the eggs with several other toppings such as onions, goat cheese, creme fraiche, and shredded chicken. It is a filling breakfast or a perfect brunch snack, full of flavor.

Serve it with potatoes

Potatoes are a very versatile vegetable, which can be added to many dishes. Next time you make pancakes, mashed potatoes, or baked potatoes, add a scoop of creme fraiche to it. 

This will elevate the flavors already present in the dish, mixing sweet and savory elements. You can also combine herbs onto the creme fraiche to add a tangy twist to the dish. 

Use it to frost cakes or cupcakes

Normally, cream cheese or buttercream frosting is used to frost cakes or cupcakes. However, creme fraiche is a perfect alternative, especially if you are one to experiment with new flavors. Take your usual frosting recipe, but combine a bit of creme fraiche to add extra depth to the frosting. 

Serve with fish

Fish is quite difficult to make, as the cooking temperature needs to be perfect to obtain the right balance of flavors. Creme fraiche is a good ingredient to add to your next fish dish, as it will not curdle at high temperatures. 

This way, fish such as salmon can be cooked with minimal preparation time. Serve the fish alongside a bowl of rice or green vegetables. 

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In this article, we have answered the question.” Can you eat creme fraiche without cooking?”, along with more information about creme fraiche, a recipe to make homemade creme fraiche, and ways to incorporate it into dishes. 


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