Can you eat cough drops when you are not sick?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you eat cough drops when you are not sick?”. Moreover, we will also talk about cough drops, when they can be used. We will also talk about the effects of using cough drops both when a person is sick and when a person is healthy.

Can you eat cough drops when you are not sick?

Yes, a person can eat cough drops when he is not sick as they do not cause any harmful effects if taken in advised quantities. If a person exceeds the limit, then the consequences are not in favour of the person.

Cough drops are in the form of candy most of the time which is being used to soothe the throat in case of any problem. It can be used to relieve pain and symptoms.

So, taking cough drops while a person is not sick is not harmful, rather a person needs to be careful while taking them. Cough drops are not harmful, but they should not be taken in large amounts as overdosing cough drops can cause problems in different organs of the body.

Cough drops, an introduction:

Cough drops are the compounds that are being manufactured so that if a person has irritation in the throat then these cough drops are being used to relieve the symptoms.

Cough drops are present in the form of candy too due to which it is tastier and more attractive to everyone. Sugar content makes it more attractive among the masses and because of this they are used both as a medicine and as a candy.

These cough candies are not necessarily medicines but a product that helps in relieving the irritation in the throat. This does not kill the microorganisms but only helps in relieving symptoms of irritation.

The main component of cough drops is menthol which can give a cooling effect to the throat and hence provides a relieving effect. Along with candy, these cough drops can also be used as chewing gum, but candy is more attractive to people.

Cough drops are being manufactured by different brands which have slight differences in taste with the main ingredient remaining the same. There are many brands whose cough drops can act as laxatives if they are taken in large amounts.

Generally, cough drops are considered safe as it is considered do not cause an overdose. The risk of an overdose of cough drops or menthol is always present, but the amount required for overdosing is too large and it is hard to achieve that amount. This large amount can be achieved by eating more cough drops. 

There are different flavours in which cough drops are available. These flavours are the flavours of natural compounds which make cough drops tastier and more suitable to eat. These flavours are an additional treat to the consumers as they will also lessen the flavour of medicine if there is any.

These flavours can be different like strawberry flavour, vanilla, orange, blueberry, peppermint, chocolate and many others.


Menthol is the main component of any cough drop which is being used by individuals. There is no difference if any other flavour is being used but still, menthol is the major component.

Menthol is the component of peppermint that has a cooling effect. It provides a numbing effect to the throat which can relieve a sore throat or a cough. 

Generally, there is one to fifty milligrams of menthol which is present in one drop of a cough drop. Whereas, the dose of menthol which is harmful and lethal for a person is about 50 to 500 mg of menthol per kilogram of the body weight.

Along with the amount, the period of menthol in the body is also important and it is required to eat it in a relatively short period to produce toxic effects.

 Limit of cough drops to be consumed:

Normally, there is no exact limit for cough drops that are required to consume and beyond that it becomes toxic. This is because different companies have different amounts of menthol and other components.

It is safe for people with existing health conditions to consult a doctor before taking cough drops or any other medication.

Symptoms of poisoning:

Menthol and cough drops are considered to be safe and there is no harm in consuming them in any condition. While some cases are rare and have been reported due to poisoning of cough drops. 

Harmful effects of cough drops may include heartburn, diarrhoea, dizziness, sores in the mouth and many others.


In this article, we have answered the question “Can you eat cough drops when you are not sick?”. We have also discussed cough drops, their components and their harmful effects.


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