Can you eat cookie dough?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “Can you eat cookie dough?”. We will also answer other questions related to the subject, including can you eat store bought cookie dough, what can happen if you eat raw cookie dough, can you eat Pillsbury cookie dough, can you make edible cookie dough at home and more.

Can you eat cookie dough? 

No, you cannot eat cookie dough because it is not safe. Raw cookie dough has uncooked eggs and flour, and consuming raw eggs and flour can cause food poisoning.

Is eating raw cookie dough dangerous? 

Yes, eating raw cookie dough is dangerous. Eating raw cookie dough can make you sick. Children, pregnant women, and older people shouldn’t eat cookie dough at all because their immunity isn’t very strong and makes them very sick. 

Raw cookie dough has raw eggs that have salmonella. But raw eggs are not the only ingredient you should be concerned about. There’s also flour. Flour may be contaminated with E.coli because of the faecal matter transmitted from animals to the wheat fields.

What can happen if you eat raw cookie dough? 

Eating raw cookie dough or even licking it will expose you to harmful bacteria that will have painful outcomes. 

You may start to experience the symptoms of salmonella poisoning within six hours of consumption, and the symptoms of E.coli poisoning may take around three days to appear. You may experience the following symptoms:

  • Watery or bloody diarrhoea 
  • Stomach cramps 
  • Vomiting 
  • E.coli infections are so dangerous that they can also lead to kidney failure or hemolytic uremic syndrome

Is it safe to eat store bought cookie dough? 

This depends as some of the store bought cookie dough manufacturers do take steps to make the raw ingredients safer and put a label saying, “safe to eat raw”. 

Some manufacturers discourage eating raw cookie dough and add a disclaimer on ready-to-bake cookie dough, and you may not find any information related to the safety of eating these cookie dough products raw. 

This is why you should always be sure to read the packaging to make sure if they’re safe to eat or not.

What do you need to know about handling raw cookie dough?

It is very important that you handle the foods that have raw ingredients like flour and eggs, safely. Here’s how you can handle raw cookie dough:

  • Before you eat the cookie dough, be sure that you cook it. 
  • Don’t even taste your raw dough, whether it’s bread, cookies, cakes, pancakes, or pizzas. 
  • Do not let children eat raw dough. 
  • You cannot use raw cookie dough in homemade ice cream because the cookie dough ice cream you find in markets is treated and safe to eat. 
  • Keep raw eggs and raw flour away from ready-to-eat foods. 
  • Make sure that you wash your hands after coming in contact with raw eggs and raw flour. Don’t forget to wash any utensils or pans that you used.

Is there any way to eat raw cookie dough? 

Yes, you can still eat raw cookie dough only if you use pasteurised eggs and kill the bacteria present in the flour. Here’s how:

Pasteurised eggs

You can easily find pasteurised eggs in markets. These eggs are heat treated in their shells and salmonella risk is eliminated from the eggs.


It may be a little tricky to make your flour safe as grocery stores don’t sell heat treated flour readily. You may do this yourself in your oven or put your flour in the freezer, however, this method isn’t as effective as heat treating, but it may help stave off some bacterial growth.

Can you eat Pillsbury cookie dough? 

It’s okay if you don’t want to go all the way to heat treating your flour. You can find edible cookie dough in grocery shops. You can eat Pillsbury ready-to-eat cookie dough that is safe to eat raw.

Can you make edible cookie dough at home? 

Yes, if you love eating cookie dough then you can make edible cookie dough at home. It’s safe to eat, as it is made with eggs and raw flour. Click here to learn more about making edible cookie dough at home, in three awesome flavours. 


In this brief guide, we answered the question, “Can you eat cookie dough?”. We also answered other questions related to the subject, including can you eat store bought cookie dough, what can happen if you eat raw cookie dough, can you eat Pillsbury cookie dough, can you make edible cookie dough at home and more.


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