Can you eat chocolate on a paleo diet?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question, “Can you eat chocolate on a paleo diet?”. We will also talk about the paleo diet, the negative and positive effects of chocolate on a paleo diet and the different types of chocolate.

Can you eat chocolate on a paleo diet?

Yes, we can eat chocolate on a paleo diet. Dairy-free chocolates are edible on a paleo diet that consists of a large quantity of cocoa that does not have enough emulsifiers, refined sugar and milk.

Paleo diet

This diet is termed as a beneficial diet that helps in a significant loss of weight and it also improves the health condition. Some people prefer to eat low carb meals high in animal food while some prefer high carb meals with lots of plants.

Food that we should avoid on the paleo diet

Foods that should be avoided on a paleo diet include soft drinks, most dairy items, Legumes, processed food, sugar, artificial sweetener products, oil of vegetables, trans fat and margarine.

Food that is edible on the paleo diet 

Eggs, vegetables, fish, healthy fats, oil, seeds, fish, meat, nuts, spices and eggs.

Many versions of the paleo diet are available. Some of them are considered healthy as claimed by science. Some of them are gluten-free rice and grass-fed butter. 

Chocolate in a paleo diet

We can eat chocolate on a paleo diet. Chocolate is considered healthy if we take it in raw form while chocolate products are not very healthy to ingest. Chocolate is extracted from the cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are split into two parts: cocoa butter which is termed as fat and the other part is cocoa solid which is termed as all other material other than fat.

Cocoa butter and cocoa solids are both highly nutritious.

Cocoa butter 

Cocoa butter has high nutritious components like it is fully enriched with saturated fat which is a significant factor for good health.

Cocoa Solids

It consists of a large number of minerals which includes a substantial amount of zinc, tons of copper, a good quantity of magnesium and also consists of an adequate dose of fibre. 

It also has several oxidants that play a major role in the human body including the reduction of stress levels in the body and it is also a beneficial constituent for heart-related syndromes, such as it controls the blood pressure level to an extent and also supervise and correct the inflammatory conditions of the body. 

Due to all these above-stated facts, chocolate ingestion sounds healthier on a paleo diet.

Phytic acid is also a part of chocolate which is an anti-nutrient. This anti-nutrient binds minerals to food that keeps them safe from absorption into the body. Phytic acid is more in raw chocolate than the other type of chocolates. 

To form chocolates, firstly beans are fermented and then it is further processed well in the chocolate formation. This process of fermentation and well processing destroys a large amount of phytic acid.

The components of the cocoa bean from which chocolate is extracted are nutritious to health. The chocolate constituents include:


This depends upon the health condition of the individual because some are allergic to milk, due to a lack of lactase enzymes that makes people unable to digest milk and milky products.


It is one of the greatest constituents of chocolate which is merged with cocoa solids and cocoa butter in most chocolate bars. 

Other components of chocolate are stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers and soy lecithin.

These all are good products for chocolate formation that makes it healthy but all chocolate bars do not use these healthy products. Luckily, all chocolate bars do not use unhygienic products, they produce healthy chocolate and its products.

To form paleo-friendly chocolate, cocoa beans are the better one to add in chocolate than all other junk material.

Unsweetened cocoa butter

Cocoa powder is also a healthy product that can be used for homemade products such as baking cakes and pastries. Cocoa butter is a healthy solid part of cocoa beans.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate consists of a low amount of sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa solids. 

Milk chocolate

Ingredients of milk chocolate are cocoa milk, cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. Milk quantity can differentiate dark and milk chocolate because dark chocolate does not have mil at all while mil chocolate has a small amount of it.

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In this brief article, “Can you eat chocolate on a paleo diet?” We discussed the paleo diet plan, types of chocolates, their effects on the body and the ingredients of these chocolates and how these can regulate or destroy our human body functions.


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