Can you eat ChapStick?

In this brief article, we will provide an answer to the question, “Can you eat chapstick?” with an in-depth analysis of ChapStick, the ingredients which are used in the preparation of chapsticks, what will happen if we eat ChapStick, and the pros and cons of ChapStick.

Can you eat ChapStick?

No, you can not eat chapstick. Chapstick is not edible. Although consumption of chapstick in smaller amounts might not harm you, if it is consumed in larger amounts, it can cause digestive problems. 

Keep away Chapsticks from the reach of children and if they swallow them then there is no need to worry, take the stick and wipe their mouths.

ChapStick eating can be dangerous

If ChapStick is swallowed in a large quantity then it can make the stomach unhappy. Its excessive consumption will disturb the stomach and lead to watery stools.


Chapstick can be described as a lip treatment tube that helps to gets rid of chapped lips. It is a cosmetic tube that is mostly used to moisturize the lips.


Ingredients of ChapStick may vary. The basic ingredients to make the chapstick are almost the same, which are skin softeners that maintain the softness. These skin softeners include mineral oil, beeswax, aloe, vitamin E, petrolatum and lanolin. 

All these ingredients form the base of ChapStick that is near to similar in all the varieties of chapsticks. The ingredients which vary are specialized for the flavours of ChapStick.

Sometimes sunscreen is also added into the ChapStick while in some of the Chapsticks salicylic acid or camphor is added. This addition is for the treatment of sore lips.

Chap Sticks are also available at pharmacies that are medically prepared. If this medicated ChapStick is swallowed by your child then immediately consult the doctor or contact the Poison Centre, as symptoms can be more severe because of medicated ChapStick eating.

Children always want to mimic the adults whenever they apply ChapStick on their lips, children while copying the adults smell it and spread the whole of it on their face, and try to taste it. As children are too small to understand things, we (adults) should try to avoid using such things in front of children to keep ourselves and our children safe.

Why do some chapsticks dry the skin out?

Some chapsticks dry out the lips as they contain drying ingredients and toxic agents that can be harmful. It is recommended to avoid using such chapsticks. 

Some of the common culprits that should be watched out for at the time of purchasing Chapstick include.

  • Propolis
  • Menthol
  • Dyes
  • Scents

What causes people to overuse chapstick?

Some of the basic reasons behind the overuse of ChapStick are

  • It is easy to carry everywhere
  • It takes no time to use even if we are getting late. We can use it whatever or how much time we ever get.
  • Its size is small, that is the reason it can be placed in any place even if it is your bag, car’s dashboard, or desk.

These all above-stated facts can be the addiction of using ChapStick.

How can we avoid ChapStick overuse?

Recognize the triggers

It is the initial step to getting rid of the ChapStick use. Firstly, make it clear about the number of times you use ChapStick, as some people use it more in stressful situations, or its use can be more when you feel hungry. By recognizing the triggers, it will be easier for you to get rid of the overuse of chapstick.

Try to find a substitute

If ChapStick is not going good for your health or you are overusing it, or if you are suffering from chapstick addiction and you just do not want to carry it more in the future, then you can change it with a substitute like you can take the same flavour drink or food instead of ChapStick.

Do something to overcome the triggers

Find out the trigger like if you have a habit of using ChapStick in times of depression and you are taking such depression at your work. Then, do not take the ChapStick along with you to your work. This will help to break down the use of ChapStick.

Drawbacks of using chapstick

Sometimes it is said that overuse of lip balm or chapstick can stop the near body part of the mouth to produce moisture, but it is a myth, which is on the internet, these do not have a strong background.


In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question, “Can you eat chapstick?” with an in-depth analysis of ChapStick, the ingredients which are used in the preparation of chapsticks, what will happen if we eat ChapStick, and the pros and cons of ChapStick.


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