Can you eat cannabutter on toast?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Can you eat cannabutter on toast?”. We will discuss cannabutter, its nutritious factors, is it safe to eat on toast or not? and other aspects about cannabutter.

Can you eat cannabutter on toast?

Yes, we can eat cannabutter on toast. Cannabutter is also called weed butter that can be used in baking and cooking many dishes.


As it is shown by its name, it is a mixture of two words cannabis and butter. Cannabutter is mostly used to make cookies or for baking products and to prepare cannabis edibles.

Cannabis consists of two significant compounds, namely cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is considered as one of the mind-altering drugs. The THC compound is psychoactive and can lead to a greater level of mind alteration while the second compound CBD is not high as THC, it’s a mild-altering compound.

We should know its after-effects before buying or preparing cannabutter at home.

Consistency of CBD or both CBD and THC, all depends upon the intended use of cannabutter.

Cannabutter extraction

Cannabis, which is also called weed or marijuana. This is a drug that can be extracted from the Cannabis indica plant or cannabis Sativa. These plants are used for medicinal purposes and for recreational work.

This cannabis may be used by people for smoking or vape cannabis. The cannabutter is extracted from this cannabis that is an infused butter that can be taken from local stores of cannabis or it can be homemade. 

As it is a drug, that is why it is prohibited in many countries and states. So, before using cannabutter it is mandatory to check from the government for its use or its related products.

Major uses of cannabutter

Cannabutter products are getting popular among other products. Cannabutter is a smoke-free option which is the reason to use it as a part of other edibles.

Cannabis is also a good source to get rid of various ailments and diseases naturally because it has a lot of good health benefits.

Cancer treatment can cause many symptoms such as pain, vomiting, and nausea. Much research is going to discover remedies to cure these symptoms naturally.

For centuries, cannabis weed has been used to cure nausea naturally. It is also claimed in the research history of cannabis that it is one of the weeds which was firstly introduced in medicine to cure nausea.

Cannabis also consists of a significant compound called endocannabinoid which acts as a good regulator in various body functions such as controlling memory, mood swings, and appetite.

Cannabis is widely used to relieve pain from cancer-related factors.

Cannabutter is a good option to add to cancer patients’ diets due to its smoke-free nature makes useful cannabutter edibles.

Sleep aid

It is also mentioned as a good sleep aid, which has a good effect on our sleep.

In research, it is proved that THC alone or if it is combined with CBD can improve the sleep cycle. Furthermore, it is also described in research that these two important cannabinoids of cannabis also lessen the pain related to insomnia and it also gives us a good sleep.

Until now it’s not completely clear about the cannabis and sleep cycle relationship, more research is required for this association.

Negative effects and safety

As everything has its own pros and cons, in the same way, cannabutter is safe to eat but it has some side effects.

Cannabis dose can be harmful or its related products can be dangerous to our health unlike vaping or smoking because the concentration of THC can vary in edibles of cannabis.

This variation is due to the reason of purchasing cannabis, its preparation method, it can be its way to use or its quality is also an important factor.

The latency periods of cannabis products that are edible like cannabutter are higher than those that are inhalable or used for smoking purposes.

The after-effects of cannabis products can be noticed after 30 minutes while the reaction outcomes after 2 to 4 hours of eating its related products.

The after-effects of cannabis products also depend upon different factors like metabolism, weight, age, gender, or the amount of consumption of edibles.

In the case of inhaling cannabis products, after-effects are shown after 20 to 30 minutes of vaping cannabis or smoking them and it usually wears off in 2 to 3 hours.

It is important to store cannabutter or its products safely because it resembles other cookies, candies, and other baking products.

It is not safe for children under 5 years and it can also cause mouth dryness, sleepiness, and altered senses.


In this brief article, we discussed the cannabutter, its extraction compound, and also elaborated its uses with negative and positive effects.


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