Can you eat buzzards?

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you eat buzzards?”. Moreover, we will also get to know about buzzards, what are the effects of eating buzzards on health. We will also discuss the classification of buzzards and also their characteristics of buzzards.

Can you eat buzzards?

No, a person can not eat buzzard as it is toxic to the human. When a person is going on a long journey or they are securing any shelter then they have to live in woods and have to survive in those conditions. 

When a person is living in a jungle then for their survival in those conditions they have to eat the food which is the food of the jungle. This food may include the plants and their leaves along with the animals which are present in the jungle.

The animals present in the jungle include bears, cats, rabbits and also some birds which are present there. When a person is in the jungle then he can eat anything from fur to feather anything.

These foods are first cooked properly on the fire so that all the bacteria and other microorganisms which are being found on them can be killed and the food can be free from parasites so that it does not cause any harm to the person or a person does not get sick.

A person can eat anything fur or feather but among all other animals’ available buzzards are not preferred or recommended food even in the worst conditions. It is not recommended because of the food it eats and the way it lives. 

A buzzard feeds on a diet which is rotten meat which is filled with the pathogenic bacteria that can make a person sick severely. Also, it is a fact that when a buzzard is dead then nothing feeds on the dead buzzard, not even other buzzards because they do not like it.

Introduction to buzzards

A buzzard is also known as a vulture which is a large bird that is a scavenger bird. This large bird has a smell that is very unpleasant and is not liked by anyone even birds do not like it.

These large birds, vultures, feed on the meat or flesh of dead animals while the most awful thing is that this bird urinates on its own feet so that it can keep itself cold.

These birds are full of bacteria because they feed on rotten meat and because of it, their meat becomes awful. The bacteria present in that meat release chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to the human body. 

The toxicity of buzzards that are being mentioned does not mean that these are not protected because besides having all these reasons these are still the bird species that are being protected and it is illegal to kill or harm these species without having special permission.

Classification of buzzard:

The buzzard is a medium to large bird in size that exists in various varieties. This bird belongs to the genus Buteo which is a member of the Accipitridae family. This family belongs to the class of Aves in phylum Chordata of kingdom Animalia.

These species are present in different areas of the world which can either be Europe or they have extended their species to the areas of Palearctic. The species are also extended in the areas of northwestern China, in far western Siberia and also in northwestern Mongolia. 

The species of vultures which are present in the areas of the Northern hemisphere which are considered as the cold parts and also some present in the eastern part will migrate to the Southern part during the time of winters. 

These birds travel a lot even when they reach from the areas of the north to even South Africa.

What do they taste like?

The buzzards have a bad body smell through which one can assume that their taste must not be good. The taste of the bird must be similar to the smell of their body and vultures do not smell good.

There are two reasons for their smell, one is the food they feed on and the other is the urination which they do on themselves which makes them smell more badly. The taste of vulture meat maybe like the taste of owl meat, but it can be even more unpleasant than that.

Side effects of buzzards on humans:

Vultures feed on rotten meat which is loaded with several bacteria which can cause diseases in humans. Among the most harmful bacteria are Clostridia and Fusobacteria which are present in vulture meat as they are adapted to the harsh gut conditions of vultures. 

These bacteria are harmful and cause serious diseases in humans.


In this article, we have answered the question “Can you eat buzzards?”. We have also discussed vultures, their classification, what is the taste of their meat and what are their side effects on humans.