Can you eat before a physical test?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “Can you eat before a physical test?” with an in-depth analysis of the types of physical tests, whether eating is safe before a physical test or not and the basic needs for a physical test.

Can you eat before a physical test?

We should avoid eating food before a physical test, that can disturb our digestive tract like alcohol, caffeine. It is also prescribed if you have a test early in the morning then take a suitable diet last night and avoid eating in the morning before the physical test.

What is a physical test?

A physical test is used to monitor overall health by a primary health care provider (PCP). That primary health care provider may be a doctor or a physician assistant. This test may be termed a wellness test. 

For this test, we do not need to be sick, rather it is a good chance to consult a health care provider about your health and also it will be a good opportunity to avail if you feel any ongoing pain or symptoms like variation in blood pressure, cholesterol or any type of dizziness.

Purpose of physical test

A physical test is recommended to take at least once a year and it is compulsory for those people who are more than 50 years old. This test gives people all the knowledge about their health.

Physical tests are basically used to,

  • Examine possible diseases so that they can be handled early
  • To check out any symptom that may become severe in future
  • To confirm the routine exercise and healthy diet
  • Examine immunity and update other necessary immunizations
  • It makes you stay in contact with your medical assistant

Physical tests also make sure that your blood sugar, cholesterol level is under control because sometimes these vary without any significant symptoms so it helps the medical assistant to control them before they become severe.

This test can be performed before any surgery or before starting the treatment for any medical condition.

How to prepare before physical test

Before a physical test, make an appointment with your medical assistant at any time that is feasible for both of you. If you have a medical assistant from your family then a physical test can be performed by them. But before consulting any medical assistant you have to note down some basic points like,

  • List of medications that you are taking currently that also include any over-the-counter drugs or supplements such as herbal
  • List of any indications of pain or something that you felt in that duration
  • List of relevant or recent tests
  • Take your all reports to clear your medical and surgical history
  • Complete contact information and the names of your doctors whom you visited recently
  • If you are experiencing any implanted device like a defibrillator or pacemaker, then you must bring a front and back copy of that device
  • Note down any other questions if you have any to make your mind clear
  • Make yourself prepared in a comfortable condition like wearing a comfortable outfit, avoid excessive jewellery and over makeup. So, that medical assistants can examine easily without any disturbance.

How is the physical examination performed?

Before consulting your medical assistant, the nurse will ask you several questions like your medical history, any allergy you experienced and its cause, if you had any type of surgery in your past and if you had experienced any symptoms. They will also ask about your lifestyle, daily exercise, any drug that you take in your routine and if you are a smoker or take alcohol.

In physical testing, they will instruct you to sit or stand to examine. Firstly, they will check any unusual mark, growth, symptom on the body, then they will examine each organ of the body by inspecting the texture, location, consistency, size and location. In this duration, they will ask you to lay down and will sense your abdomen and the rest of the parts of your body.

How are the results interpreted?

Doctors or medical assistants can predict a lot by examining the patient.


The sound of the heart is rhythmic. Variations can signal the medical assistant about the blood vessel if they are not getting enough blood or if there is any type of leakage in the valve. He can also recommend some other tests to diagnose these variations.


Sound is sensed by the medical assistant throughout the abdomen. If the digested material is stuck in the intestine or it is twisted then no sound is sensed; that is the indication of something serious that can happen.


Just like the heart sound, the sound of the lungs can vary. The sound that is felt by a medical assistant may be high or low pitched which will indicate that mucus is not letting the lungs expand properly.


In this short article, we have answered the question, “Can you eat before a physical test?” with an in-depth analysis of the types of physical tests, whether eating is safe before a physical test or not and the basic needs for a physical test.

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