Can you eat an Ostrich egg? (3 Things to ponder over)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can you eat an Ostrich egg? We will discuss the health benefits of eating ostrich eggs. We will also discuss some ways to handle, crack open and cook an ostrich egg.

Can you eat an Ostrich egg?

You can eat an ostrich egg, along with 12 other people.

Ostrich eggs taste similar to chicken. Ostrich eggs are large, therefore, can be challenging to cook. A single ostrich egg is equal to 24 chicken eggs. Ostrich eggs have a buttery and intense taste. Ostrich eggs not only taste good but are highly nutritious as well. 

Cooking an ostrich egg is a rather challenging task. The large egg is not only a difficult task to cook, but the shell is also hard to break. 

The American Ostrich Association states that it will take 90 minutes, on average, to boil an ostrich egg. You could also fry or make an omelet of an ostrich egg.

The texture and taste of an ostrich egg are different from that of the chicken. The taste of ostrich egg is intense, and the texture is thick.

The ostrich eggs are huge; hence cost way more than a chicken egg would. Ostrich eggs have an intense and sweet flavor that reminds people of butter.

What are the health benefits of ostrich eggs?

An Ostrich egg has 2000 calories. Ostrich eggs are a good source of protein, magnesium, iron, and vitamin E. Not only is the egg of the ostrich a popular food, but meat is also healthy, lean, and flavorsome. 

Ostrich eggs contain 176 grams of proteins per egg, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium.

Eggs contain triglycerides and phospholipids that maintain a healthy metabolism. A healthy metabolism helps to keep cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar in check.

What are some things you need to know about the ostrich egg?

Ostriches are the largest and heaviest birds on land, so their eggs also have those attributes. Ostriches belong to ratites or flightless birds and are native to Africa.

Ostrich eggs have a calming color of tan to bone-white. The hen lays eggs weekly only during their breeding season and stays fertile for around 30 years.

Ostriches’ eggs are 6 inches in length and 5 inches wide and weigh around 3 pounds. The ostrich shells are painted and used as ornaments. 

How to break open an ostrich egg?

TO open an ostrich egg, you can use a hammer, saw, or a large knife.

To crack an ostrich egg, you can use an Oxo bread knife. Instead of a serrated knife, you need to use a knife with teeth that are at least 8 inches.

Saw the knife against the circumference at either of the ends. After you saw the entire chunk, you can pry the egg open.

When you get to the egg membrane, you need to puncture a hole to get to the contents inside the egg. The membrane is thick, so you need a sharp pointy object such as a screwdriver or knife.

Once you get to the liquid part, you can pour the contents into a different container.

How to cook Ostrich egg?

The best way to prepare ostrich eggs is to boil them. To boil an ostrich egg, you need quite a large pan that fits the egg. 

An ostrich egg takes 60 minutes to soft-boil and 90 minutes to hard-boil.

To fry or scramble an ostrich egg is also a viable option. You can fry your eggs like you would by first greasing the pan with oil, grease, or non-stick spray. Cook the egg for 20 to 30 minutes and add salt, pepper, and cheese as seasoning.

Let us discuss some ostrich egg recipes:

  1. bacon, cheese & potato ostrich egg frittata 

Boil some cut potatoes and cook the egg with bacon, potatoes, and cheese.

Make separate batches and put in some onions, and bake for 30 to 45 minutes.

  1. Omelet

To make an ostrich egg omelet; add some bell pepper, spring onion, milk, and whisk the ingredients together. Fry in butter, add cheddar, and serve as breakfast.

If you have a large skillet, you can attempt to make an omelet. However, it is best if you make small omelets so that it cooks evenly. Flipping an ostrich egg could be an unattainable task. You do not have to worry about a runny yolk or uncooked parts; the egg is most likely free of bacterial contamination.

  1. Scrambled Eggs

To make scrambled eggs, you need heavy cream, kosher salt, and black pepper, and let it fry. Even though it will have gelatinous strands, it tastes delicious. Scramble cooking is the best way to prepare ostrich eggs.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, can you eat an Ostrich egg? We discussed the health benefits of eating ostrich eggs. We also discussed some ways to handle, crack open, and cook an ostrich egg.

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