Can you eat an apple without peeling it?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “can you an apple without peeling it?”  and other queries related to this topic.

Can you eat an apple without peeling it? 

Yes, you can eat an apple without peeling it. Apple skin is very nutritious since it is high in insoluble fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

When comparing apples with skin to apples without skin it was found that eating the one with skin will provide you with more vitamin A, K, C, and calcium.

Moreover, it is not only the case with apples but there are several fruits and vegetables like peach, pears, cucumber, and potatoes that have higher nutritional value and benefits when consumed with their skin on. So, avoid peeling such products.

However, in some cases, you might be concerned about the safety of such products especially if they are not organic. 

So, inorganic fruits and vegetables might be contaminated with pesticides sprayed to get rid of insects and bugs that might affect the crops.

In addition, apples are considered one of the top twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables. So, peeling such apples will reduce your risk of being exposed to pesticides and chemicals. Because these compounds have short and long-term consequences such as cancer.

Buying organic fruits and vegetables is better than buying any product you see on the market. Hence, organic products do not mean that fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, but they are free of pesticides and chemical products. Search for those certified organic.

Furthermore, if you can not find any organic products near you on the market, do not avoid fruits and vegetables for this reason, because you can control the pesticide contamination on the skin and the outer layer of your products. Also, pesticides might cause allergies in some people.

To do so, clean your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. There are many different methods to do it, one of them is to simmer your products in a solution of water and baking soda for a couple of minutes then rinse the fruits or vegetables with clean water.

The second method is to simmer or spray your fruits and vegetables with a vinegar and water solution. 

The final and most effective one is by scrubbing the products with a brush under running clean water. So, avoid using soap and detergents to clean your fruits and vegetables.

Besides, you might notice some wax on the skin of the apple. Simmering these apples in hot water for a couple of minutes might remove the wax. But, you might need to do it several times to ensure that all the wax has been removed. 

What are the benefits of apple skin?

Eating apples with their skin is so beneficial and nutritious. First of all, the skin of the apple is rich in insoluble and soluble fibers. 

Each type has its benefits for the body. Regarding the insoluble fibers they help in relieving constipation by increasing the stool bulk.

Moreover, soluble fiber will make you feel full for longer and will decrease cholesterol and sugar absorption into your blood because it will form a gel-like substance in your stomach. So, consuming such fruit is recommended for patients with diabetes and dyslipidemia.

In addition, apple skin is rich in vitamins like vitamin C, K, A, and folate known as vitamin B9. Also, it is high in minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. 

All these vitamins and minerals are needed for good body functioning since they enter into different regulatory mechanisms. 

Furthermore, eating the apple with its skin will provide you with different beneficial chemical compounds and antioxidants. It was found that the skin of an apple is rich in triterpenoid which is a compound that fights cancer in the body.

So, all these chemicals will help in fighting and decreasing your risk of developing cancers as long as you are cleaning them from pesticides. Because pesticides build up in the body will increase your risk of developing breast, prostate, testes, and ovarian cancers.

Besides all these benefits, apples along with a healthy lifestyle and adequate diet will help you lose and control your weight. 

Apples are high in fiber and as previously mentioned soluble fiber will make you full for a longer time. Apples are a good snacking idea as long as consumed in moderation.

Also, a chemical compound known as ursolic acid was found in the apple skin. This chemical compound can fight obesity by increasing your muscle mass. 

When muscle mass increases in the body, the metabolism will be higher thus burning more calories which helps in weight reduction.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “can you eat an apple without peeling it?” and other queries related to this topic.


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