Can you eat a Starburst Wrapper? (1 Reason for Relief)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can you eat a Starburst Wrapper? We will discuss the material that the starburst wrapper is made of and some consequences of eating them. 

Can you eat a Starburst Wrapper?

You can eat a Starburst Wrapper. The starburst wrapper itself will not harm you. The purpose of a wrapper is supposed to protect the candy from environmental contaminants such as germs and grime. If you do not know where the wrapped-up candy has been, it could be a potential hazard. 

Starburst and their wrappers: an overview

The Starburst Wrapper is made of wax paper. Wax paper is not edible but is not harmful or toxic either. The colorful wax paper which protects the candy is not particularly digestible. For pet animals, a starburst wrapper can have no or minimal effect. If an animal eats an entire wrapper, it can cause vomiting, blockage, or obstruction in the digestive system. 

Chewy candies such as Starburst have an acidic and sharp flavor with a chewy and satisfying texture. The fruit-flavored taffies come in strawberry, lemon, cherry, and orange flavors. However, some of these candies tend to have stubborn wrappers, which can be a hassle to get off. 

Starburst was introduced in the UK in 1960 under the name Opal Fruits. It then made its way into the US in 1967. Starburst in the UK is vegan, which mentions it on the label, while the US variant is not. The main motive behind introducing starburst was to give a burst of flavor at every second it is in the mouth; even their slogan was “Unexplainably Juicy”.

 The original flavors that were founded at the time were lemon, strawberry, orange, and lime. Today, the flavor range includes Tropical, Sour, Watermelon, Very Berry, Superfruit, and Summer Blast, which has around 10 different flavors of fruits. 

Starburst starts as loaves of candy that are extruded to make them into their defined, cubic shape. The strip of candy is then cut up and is ready to be packed by the wax paper. The set of knives cut the wrapper and then fold the individual pieces of Starburst. The starburst wrapper is approximately 17 centimeters in length and 9.7 centimeters in width. The rotators then shove the wrapped candy, and the rest of the process, which includes secondary wrapping, is carried out. 

What happens to wax paper as you ingest them?

Food-grade wax papers are not toxic, therefore, not capable of poisoning or causing any direct harm to you. If you ingest a piece of starburst wrapper, you do not need to panic or call an ambulance. However, we would not advise you to gobble up the candy as is, with its wrapper and all. 

If you eat an entire starburst wrapper, it will not cause any harm to you. Even though your body cannot metabolize it, it will stay undigested and pass through your intestine and excrete out. For a person, a single piece of starburst wrapper can’t cause digestive issues. To cause blockage in the digestive system, you need to eat 10s of starburst wrapper to form a ball and obstructs your digestive canal. 

Wax paper has a layer of wax over it, which comes from petroleum, otherwise called paraffin. Organic wax, on the other hand, comes from beeswax. Food-grade wax paper is specifically manufactured with a slim possibility of consumption. 

Wax paper is used not only in Starburst but pizza, burgers, cookies, come wrapped in it. Wax paper is biodegradable, which means it is superior to plastic, which is potentially toxic. Even when wax paper burns or is subjected to extreme temperatures, it does not become toxic. Wax paper cannot be used in the oven for baking but can be used in the microwave. 

Why does Starburst use colored wax paper to envelop the candies?

Besides being safe and environmentally friendly, wax paper has many other benefits over other packaging materials. Wax paper is like tissue paper with triple layers of wax. The organic wax papers usually have vegetable oil over them. The wax is introduced not only on the superficial surface of the paper but the pores as well. 

Wax paper helps to retain the shape of the edibles. The starburst cubes stay put when they are engulfed in wax paper. Wax paper also stays presentable for display surfaces. Wax paper protects food from crumbling and retains moisture

The starburst wrapper protects the individually wrapped candies from sticking to each other. Also, the candies, do not need to be heated or refrigerated, which means at ordinary temperatures; it does not melt or give off any smell. 

In this brief guide, we answered the question, can you eat a Starburst Wrapper? We discussed the material that starburst wrapper is made of and some consequences of eating them.