Can you eat a Scoby? (3 Health Benefits)

Can you eat a Scoby? (3 Health Benefits)

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, can you eat a scoby? We will discuss some sound reasons to eat a scoby. We will also share some popular and compelling recipes to try by making use of scoby.

Can you eat a Scoby?

You can eat a scoby. Scoby has a mild taste very much like that of Kombucha. What scoby lacks in taste makes up for with the texture. The unique, sliminess is associated with young scoby while the slightly aged scoby tastes like a soft, chewy gummy bear.

What is a scoby?

Scoby stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, scoby o the kombucha starter is edible. The starter culture has cellulose mat with bacteria and yeast, which produces kombucha with help from a process called fermentation. Tea, bacteria and yeast undergo a series of reactions, which is weaved into a cellulose structure. 

Cellulose occurs naturally in plant cells and is a crucial part of the diet. The cellulose mat is good for digestion and gut health owing to the soluble fibers. Alongside cellulose, probiotics or healthy bacteria are also present which also contribute in keeping the gut and digestive system healthy. Scoby as food also maintains blood sugar and cholesterol.

Cellulose or insoluble fiber are not digested by the body but plays an active role by keeping the gut, and bowel movements healthy. Moreover, cellulose protects against heart diseases and cancer.

How to make a scoby?

Scoby can be made at home. In case, you need to have the starter culture, add some premade scoby or get it from the store. To make a scoby from scratch, you need tea; preferably black. 

To prepare the scoby, mix the tea and sugar in hot water, just as you would while making tea. Let the tea cool down before you pour it into a clean jar in which you added the kombucha starter.

Seal the top of the jar using a napkin, paper towel, coffee filter; anything which is tightly woven and put a rubber band over it.

Put the jar in a safe, isolated place and refrain from moving it around. Store at room temperature, away from sun light. After a few days, you will observe bubble at the top surface which after a few more days turn into a film which appears to be solid and opaque.

At 70 Fahrenheits, you can expect the scoby to be ready in 2 weeks. Keep in mind that the kombucha starter will be tart and vinegary and you can not drink it straight as it is. 

What can you make with scoby? 

You do not necessarily need to make kombucha with your scoby, instead there some interesting recipes to try and make with scoby.

  • Make a scoby jerky by cutting the scoby into strips and season it with flavors and spices of your likening. Put the strips into a dehydrator. You could use your oven, to put the scoby strips on a parchment-lined tray, put a cloth over it, and put it in the oven overnight. Make sure to leave the pilot light on. 

               After the jerky is ready, you can eat it as is or add it to a salad, trail mix, or snack mix.

  • You can also add scoby to your smoothie to enhance both the texture and the nutritional value. Scoby will make the smoothie thick and creamy. Alternatively, blend the fruits with scoby and make popsicles.
  • Scoby Fruit Leather is another option for you. To make fruit leather, combine the scoby with fruit, herbs, or spices and let it sit inside the dehydrator or oven for as long as it takes to dry it out.
  • Scoby Energy Balls are a good snack similar to date balls, cookie dough or chocolate. A different recipe to try uses oats, nuts, dried fruits, and nut butter and making it into a ball. You can store the scoby energy balls in the fridge for a week.
  • To make scoby candy, use either honey, sugar, or maple sugar as a sweetener. Boiling the syrup caramelizes and makes candy, the presence of scoby makes it a chewy, probiotic gummy.
  • Scoby sushi or ceviche is used instead of vinegar to provide the sour and tangy flavor. The texture of scoby resembles that of a raw squid, therefore, can be used as part of many other kinds of seafood.
  • For some people, scoby is food for themselves and their pets alike. You can use fresh scoby as a treat for your dog or turn it into a jerky as a dried snack.

In this brief guide, we answered the question, can you eat a scoby? We discussed some sound reasons to eat a scoby. We also shared some popular and compelling recipes to try by making use of scoby.