Can you eat a possum?

In this short article, we will answer the question, “can you eat a possum?” and will share its cooking recipe.

Can you eat a possum?

Yes, you can eat a possum. Possums may be eaten safely if properly cooked. Possum meat is high-fat meat with a texture comparable to chicken.

How Does Possum Meat Taste?

For some, possum flesh has a distinct flavor. Some say it tastes like chicken, while others say it tastes like a tiny lamb chop. Furthermore, some individuals describe the meat as very greasy due to the quantity of fat in it; nevertheless, you may need to bake it to remove the extra fat. Others, on the other hand, say possum flesh is delicious.

Furthermore, having hair in the way may be very irritating—which is why people boil them, resulting in a chicken flavor. However, if no spices or flavors are added, it will taste boring, just like any other beef. This meat may be smoked, grilled, or boiled.

While there are many methods to prepare possum, one of the most popular in the south is with meat and potatoes. Some people even like to garnish their meals to enhance flavor.

Possum Cooking 

After hearing all of those inventive recipes, you’re undoubtedly thinking about the safest way to cook a possum for eating. To begin, do not hunt them with poisoned bullets (sedatives), since this will contaminate the flesh. Second, while dealing with roadkill, check to see whether the Possum is still whole—you don’t want one with its guts torn out!

Possum skinning is required. This is accomplished by first boiling it and then peeling off the skin. Skin the Possum as soon as possible after capturing it. It is difficult to skin it fresh, and you run the danger of making a mess of the animal.

How To Clean A Possum?

Possums are cleaned in the same way that other animals are. While skin protection is essential, you should also wash your body to remove any germs or bacteria. This may be accomplished by properly washing the meat in hot water—boiling water destroys the vast majority of bacteria.

You may also smoke the Possum to rid it of illnesses, bacteria, and other pollutants, but be careful not to burn it! Ascertain that it is clear of illness. Examine the inside of the Possum’s mouth for any accumulated saliva in its glands; if so, this may be a symptom of TB.

You should also maintain the Possum in a cold, insect-free environment. While a refrigerator is an ideal solution, other cold locations may be utilized if the Possum is well covered. You don’t want mold to develop on it, nor do you want flies to be drawn to it.

Possums are carriers of disease

Possums, like any other animal, are capable of transmitting illness. Fortunately, one of the most lethal is rabies, which is rare owing to the body’s heat. They do, however, transmit other illnesses. They have the potential to transmit leptospirosis, a flu-like disease that affects people, dogs, and cats. They also contain the potentially lethal Salmonella bacteria, so keep that in mind if you eat one of them!

Even though these creatures seem filthy and diseased, they have an incredible immune system! They have a lower average body temperature than other animals, suggesting that they contain antibodies that defend them against diseases like rabies.

Recipe for Possum Sausage

Yes, if you’re very inventive, you can turn these creatures into sausages. Possum sausage is a rare delicacy that is likely to be unique and not to everyone’s taste! The flavor will be similar to chicken sausage, but it will differ depending on the additional spices, herbs, and seasonings added to the sausage. Possum sausage is mostly composed of pork (as the basis) and Possum.

1. Begin by creating the casings. This may be accomplished by soaking the casings in boiling water for an hour before putting them in a colder kettle of water (around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 33 degrees Celsius). This is the end of all of them. In addition, the casings may be smoked.

2.Second, using the Casings, assemble the remaining components. This allows the flavors to penetrate while also molding the chunk into a sausage. Add more spicy sauce if required, but make sure it meets your standards—continuously taste the sausage to ensure it is to your satisfaction.

3. Finally, squish everything with a disc. This gives it a beautiful shape and helps to keep everything together. As you see the structure take shape, you’ll be able to savor the sausage. Before checking to see whether everything is still intact, you want everything to be completely browned.


In this short article, we answered the question, “can you eat a possum?” and shared its cooking recipe.


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