Can you eat a cinnamon stick?

In this brief study, we will answer the question, “can you eat a cinnamon stick?” and will also offer details on the health advantages.

Can you eat a cinnamon stick?

Yes, you can eat a cinnamon stick. While most people prefer to crush cinnamon sticks rather than chew on them, chewing on cinnamon sticks is generally considered to be safe for the majority of people. When consumed in big amounts, certain cinnamon has a high quantity of coumarin, which may cause liver problems and drug interactions when consumed in large quantities. 

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

  • Spices such as cinnamon include a wide range of nutrients and compounds that may be beneficial to your health. These nutrients and compounds include polyphenols, antioxidants, and even odd molecules such as cinnamaldehyde, citral, and cinnamate.
  • It has been shown in research that cinnamon may benefit individuals with type 2 diabetes by increasing glucose absorption, improving insulin sensitivity in fat and muscle tissues, increasing glycogen synthesis in the liver, and delaying stomach emptying, among other potential changes.
  • Cinnamaldehyde, a chemical compound present in all cinnamon varieties, is responsible for these side effects. While the research suggests that cinnamon may be beneficial for glucose control, individuals with diabetes need to follow their doctor’s treatment plan since the advantages of cinnamon have not been proven to be significant enough to act as a replacement for medication. 
  • When consumed, cinnamon contains antioxidants, which are an important component of a healthy diet since they aid in the neutralization of free radicals, which prevent them from causing harm to the body’s cells.
  • Additionally, cinnamaldehyde has antibacterial properties and has been shown to prevent the growth of malignant cells in animal studies. 
  • Cinnamon components may be beneficial in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, the reduction of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, and the prevention of arterial hardening (arteriosclerosis).


Every day, consume 1.2 teaspoon cinnamon powder (6g/0.2oz)

This is the quickest and most direct way to take. Cinnamon powder at a rate of no more than 1.2 teaspoons per day for five days, followed by two days of rest Our Ceylon Cinnamon powder is of the finest quality, including 1.1 percent essential oil in addition to the powder. It’s important to remember that cinnamon powder should be combined with your meals. It is corrosive to the stomach even when just a little amount has been consumed. Smoothies, tea, and soups and stews may all benefit from the addition of chia seeds to their recipes.

Each day, consume about one three-inch stick of cinnamon (6g/0.2 oz) 

The most efficient way is to boil it into Cinnamon Stick Tea, which is a popular beverage in Japan. This method will ensure enough cinnamon levels since the brewing process will extract all of the beneficial components of cinnamon, most notably the essential oils, during the brewing process itself. Cinnamon may be used in a variety of other dishes as well. One cinnamon stick per day is the maximum amount you should consume. Each cinnamon stick has about 5g of sugar, which is less than the daily recommended amount.

Every day, one cup of Ceylon Cinnamon Black Tea is consumed (8-12oz of liquid)

When it comes to cinnamon-flavored black tea, this is the method we like to use. With a break on weekends, 1 cup of tea per day (1 tea bag in 8-12 oz of water) should be plenty for most people. It combines the benefits of black tea with cinnamon into a delightful beverage that is sure to please. Our Ceylon Cinnamon Tea is steeped in cinnamon bark oil, which contains cinnamaldehyde and is used to flavor our tea. Approximately 1 cup of Cinnamon Black Tea is excellent first thing in the morning. It is allowed to have an additional cup of coffee each day on occasion. Take a break from Cinnamon over the weekend if you don’t want to become sick of it. Enjoy a cup of ginger tea that has been freshly prepared on weekends.

Every day, 1-3 drops of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil are recommended

For those looking for the purest form of cinnamon, distilled into the oil with a high concentration of the compound cinnamaldehyde, go no further. Use one drop in eight ounces of boiling water with tea and freshly brewed ginger to get the ball rolling. If necessary, gradually increase the number of droplets to two and eventually three. With only a single drop, it delivers a delightful flavor. Everything else is entirely up to your preferences. This oil has a strong peppery flavor and a little sweetness to it. A high intake of carbohydrates may cause a rapid drop in your blood sugar levels, leaving you dizzy and weak.

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In this brief study, we answered the question, “can you eat a cinnamon stick?” and also offered details on the health advantages.