Can you drink too much coconut water?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “can you drink too much coconut water” with an in-depth analysis of the consequences of drinking too much coconut water. Moreover, we are going to highlight what are the recommendations for drinking coconut water, what are the side effects of consuming too much coconut water, and how you can drink it on a regular basis.

Can you drink too much coconut water?

No, you cannot drink too much coconut water daily due to the presence of naturally occurring sugars in it that may pose some adverse health effects, which are the elevations of blood sugar levels and kidney problems.

Recommendations for drinking coconut water:

There is no standard recommendation for the consumption of coconut water. But the suggested quantity is to take water from not more than one coconut. This is because coconut oil is naturally consistent with sugars that may be harmful to health if consumed too much.

Side effects of drinking too much coconut water:

The excessive consumption of coconut water can be bad due to some potential side effects.

  • Coconut water is high in sugars and can increase the daily caloric content to a remarkable point. Therefore, it should not be consumed too much.
  • Coconut water acts as a diuretic and excessive consumption can lead to kidney problems too.
  • The electrolyte balance may also be disturbed due to the high potassium content of this drink that may ultimately result in hyperkalemia, having symptoms of lightheadedness and unconsciousness.
  • It provides laxative effects on the digestive tract and too much uptake can be problematic as it may hinder the proper absorption of nutrients from food.
  • Post-surgery conditions can be worsened as it lowers the blood pressure and reduces the adequate supply of blood to the parts of the body.

Coconut water:

Coconut water is a clear liquid that is present in immature coconuts. The coconut water is also known as green coconut water as immature coconuts are green in color from where the water is obtained. It is used as a beverage and hydrating fluid to prevent dehydration from diarrhea and exercise.

Nutritional facts:

Coconut water obtained from one coconut contains 45-50 grams of calories, around 9 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of proteins, and 2.5 grams of fibers. Coconut water is also rich in vitamin C, manganese, potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

Benefits of coconut water:


Due to the presence of carbohydrates and electrolytes, including potassium, sodium, and magnesium, coconut water can be used as a rehydrating solution to prevent dehydration resulting from different disease or environmental conditions and after workouts.

Blood pressure regulation:

Coconut water can also be used to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients. The presence of potassium in coconut water makes it a suitable fluid for supporting heart health and providing protection against stroke.


The magnesium present in coconut water helps in improving digestion through maintaining bowel movements and prevents constipation.

Skin health:

Akin health can also be regulated through the use of coconut water in the diet as most of the skin problems, including itching, scaling, and scars are due to dehydration. Coconut water contains vitamin C and antioxidants that promote collagen synthesis thus, making the skin more radiant and firmer.

Weight loss:

Coconut water hydrates the cells in the body, making them full and thus reduces the need of eating too much to satisfy their hunger. This reduced eating practice in turn helps in water loss.

Hangover beverage:

The excessive consumption of alcohol also makes you feel thirsty, foggy, and dehydrated. Coconut water serves as the best hangover beverage by treating this dehydration.

How to drink:

You can drink coconut water at different times throughout the day. In the early morning, it can help keep the body hydrated as well as energetic throughout the day. The metabolism will also be maintained as it regulates the metabolic rate of the body very well.

You can also consume it before or after a workout. It can act as an energy booster and replenish your electrolyte stores in the body. Before meals, the consumption can lead to the feeling of fullness and can prevent overeating.

You can also have coconut water before going to bed as it can fight stress and anxiety and helps you to get a good and calm sleep. You can also find some details about drinking coconut water here.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “can you drink too much coconut water” with an in-depth analysis of the potential effects of consuming too much coconut water as it may produce certain adverse health outcomes.

Moreover, we discussed what are the recommendations of coconut water, what are its nutritional facts, its benefits, and side effects, and how it can be drunk.

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